Which is The Best Way To Build Quality Backlinks?


Everybody says that Guest posting is the best way to build backlinks but I’ve never understood that where I can publish my guest posts? I want you tell me that where I can publish a guest post. My blog’s niche is content marketing. I don’t want any high level blog to publish guest post because I’m not a problogger and I have never submitted any guest post to any blog. I want a low level blog as a starting point.
And please tell me that is the link provided in the description of Youtube video, considered as a dofollow backlink?
And tell me some other places where the links are considered as dofollow backlinks.
I’m waiting for your detailed reply… :smiley:

What are the ways to get quality backlinks for a new blogger blog?
What are the ways to get quality backlinks for a new blogger blog?

This is Excellent Question @saadwasil! Their are many ways to earn dofollow backlinks.

Where to Post Guest Posts?

Create Some friends that are bloggers at blogger or wordpress and ask them to write Guest Post on their blog and also ask them to write on your blog.

Ways to get dofollow backlinks

  • Blogger Help Forum- Firstly, I want to Introduce the way by which you can get a high quality dofollow backlink from this forum. If you have read ‘Trust Levels’ Information, in the trust level four it is written that We Remove automatic Nofollow! If you want to get a high quality dofollow backlink from mybloggertricks.com that have pagerank 5, you have to achieve trust level 4. You can read more about it here.
  • Make Templates and publish it on your blog for free- Ya! Hard Work but more benefit. Their are many blogs like mbt, mbl, blogger yard and many more that create templates and publish it on their blog with non removable credits and they only give that template after the visitor subscribed to your blog. So there are two benefits 1) You will get as much dofollow backlink as much visitors download your template and 2) You will get Subscribers.
  • Forums- Their are many forum that don’t add rel=‘nofollow’ on external links. You can search them online and will get a list of these forum.

You Can Right a Guest Post on My Blog.


But @Shivansh, I have a doubt. Do they (@Mohammad) wish to give us backlinks by crossing trust level four? I guess that was not explicitly stated. And I couldn’t even understand it myself.


Rohan, they said that they remove automatic no follow.

Try to add this code in your reply:

<a href='http://anything.com' rel='dofollow'>Anything</a>


Lol… I understand what is dofollow but I am pointing - Are you going to build links for your blog pasting your links here? According the rules it not allowed but yes you have your profile containing the link to your blog.


Hmm. I also can’t understand it. I self checked your profile multiple times. Whenever I click Inspect Element on your blog’s link, It shows rel=‘nofollow’ I think, Mohammad should enabled this nofollow removal only on profile’s website field.


Wait… this is subjective… The guidelines says no link dropping, we should provide solution not links. But you consider that you can drop your links to your blog for link building?

This is confusing. And @saadwasil, I will come up with an answer soon. :slight_smile:


I will consider about it when I get Ninja Badge to Mohammad. :smile: Because I also want to test it.


I will answer you question in three parts

  1. Where to Guest Post?

For this you must ask yourself a question, how much have you contributed to network sites in building strong relationships with the blog author. Our blog is a PR5 blog and we allow guests posts only to readers who sincerely participate in the blog through comments by asking for helping and motivating us throughout the year with there sincere feedback. We never allow guest posts when the reader spams the blog and shows up once a month for the sake of a favor. This is exactly how other blog owners entertain their readers. You must build good relationships with people in your niche. Join them on social networks, make them your best buddies without any materialism and try to ask for help without hesitation after building trust for over 4 months.

But first work hard on your blog and keep posting seriously daily for 4 to 5 months to give a pro touch to your blog and contribute to the web community with your rich quality articles. Never violate copyrights and remember that you gain respect when you give respect in return, so always focus on your hard work, people will link themselves when they get inspire from your great endeavors.

2. Are links in Youtube Dofollow?

Remember all links on social media networks like Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and video portals like YouTube/Dailymotion/Vimeo etc. are all nofollow. Corporate sites never compromise on SEO and since they have over million of registered users, they can hardly trust the users for not violating the site’s SEO.

  1. Places where links are Dofollow

Wiki’s and directories such as wikipedia and dmoz do give dofollow links after they have thoroughly checked your content and reputation online through your endeavors or press releases.

You can also get dofollow links on Discussion Portals like Bulletin Boards or Blogger Help Forum after you have attained both trust and credibility by gaining a Trust level 3.

@Rohan All links that you drop on posts are marked as dofollow and you can surely link to your blog when you think it relates to the Topic. You attained this stage because of your great habit of not unnecessarily promoting your band or product and I congratulate you for this. Even the links in your About me description are dofollow. :innocent:

@Shivansh User profiles website links are all marked as nofollow even for Forum Admin and Moderators and Trust Level3 except for links inserted inside user description field “About me”


Hi @saadwasil, Already you have got answers from @Mohammad sir and @Shivansh. And Mustafa nails it every time. I admire the way he replies to the questions. :heart_eyes_cat:

You can guest post at any blog which accepts guest post. Either mail them your posts or write a request to guest blog e-mail. You are a newbie doesn’t mean you need to target less popular blogs only, Believe in yourself and try for reputed ones too. You never know… Also As Mustafa sir stated you need to also have connections with other bloggers for that.

I still remember my first two guest posts… I requested for the first one and the second was at Aha!NOW was granted as I was Top community contributor there which gave me so much exposure that I never requested for guest posts after that and I was overwhelmed with the requests.

So be careful which blogs you are choosing. Make sure you manage to get some exposure and meet new audience.

Answered by Mustafa so amazingly! :smiley:

Thank you Mustafa for clearing my doubts. I hardly get to link any topics as we concentrate on Template customization more here at the Forum and I mostly write about social media and rest of the things Lol… Tho I am getting to learn a lot here about HTML and CSS and rest of the stuff… Thanks for the appreciation. It means a lot for me. :slight_smile:

Just contributed my two cents. :stuck_out_tongue:


You are more than welcomed rohan. That is true, questions here are more SEO and code related but users can still benefit from your in-depth social tuts. :grinning:


What do you think about Article Directory Websites i.e Go Articles.com for getting some dofollow backlinks?


The links inside posts and author signature are all nofollow at goarticles so again it can only send you small bit of traffic but no SEO value


guest posting is worth less because now days every one is doing this so never do what people are doing

when i started blogging i was running after backlink but it was very hard to find real and good backlink so please i request you make your content Wonderful you will not need any backlink if you are expert in How to create A great Article and you know i have been reading articles and try to memories vocabulary and learning how to write Unique article but seriously it is very hard also let me give you a valuable tips you can learn From MBT articles

why dont you start uploading videos on dailymotion vimeo youtube and tunpk it is also best way to get backlink you have to do everything alone no one will help you i can give you only idea i dont know much about backlink because now i don’t care about Backlink i follow Muhammad Rules i never use guest post and last and the most important think if you go those website that give you 200 or 500 back link in 15 mints these backlink will spoil your website so dont do this ever


Hi @Tariq_aziz, I loved what you said - “Never do what people are doing.” This is so true when it comes to Blogging or anything in Life. :slight_smile:

I must agree to you that there is no use of guest posting but if you are getting new audience and reputed blogs to guest post on so you should surely take it up and make the best of the opportunity. This might level up your reputation in blogosphere. :slight_smile:

And you could even create lasting connections with bloggers by guest posting on their blogs.

Good to read your views.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


we are here to helping others with out any expectation or need because now days people think that if somebody gives us then we will give and these type of things are going on in this world it is just like give and take so we should share our feeling with others and always try to help others without any expectation


Actually they are not getting do-follow links …