Which is the best platform for SEO - Blogger or Wordpress?


Friends many people say that blogger is good for SEO because it is owned by google but i need an ultimate answers i am sure that there no such difference for platforms but just for a confirmation i am asking :sweat: .Google representatives have officialy declared that but more people and SEO experts are saying so so which is the best platform according to you ?? . And also how to optimize WordPress for more SEO ranking ?


this question has already answered please check muhammad already answered this question let me show you

see this WordPress Versus Blogger. Which is Better? Which one to Choose?

see about ranking and traffic Is there any Difference in Google Ranking for Blogger and Wordpress?


I perefer Blogger It’s easy to navigate . As a begginer I suggest you to use blogger, Blogger have some widgets available to keep you from touching code and also the template designer is very helpful.

Blogger has very simple interface. It’s easy to edit and publish posts and it has a ton of tools built it.


WordPress offers two different blogging platforms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The main difference between the two is that the WordPress.com sites are hosted on WordPress’ server while WordPress.org sites are hosted on an external server.

If you’re not interested in a ton of customization options, WordPress.com is the way to go. You won’t be able to add plugins, install custom themes or edit your HTML, but you will get a basic blogging platform that’s free and easy to use. If you ever want those options, it’s also very easy to switch over to WordPress.org. If we talk about wordpress.org you have many customization options like installing custom themes and adding plugins or editing the code.But wordpress.org is not free…


It’s because owned by Google, it doesn’t mean SEO friendly :blush:

There’s already one question here.


@ArjunChandran I’m a Blogger user. I have also heard that Blogger is Good platform for SEO but some people say that WordPress is better than blogger.
But I believe that It’s all depend on your hard work. It’s not depend on platform, either you use Blogger or WordPress. It depends on the knowledge that you have about search engine optimization.
A person who uses Blogger, may have large traffic from search engines, than a WordPress user and the situation may also be opposite. :smiley:


saadwasi i am totally agree with you and you r right