Which is best for Blog SEO: Subdomain or Subfolder?


Hy Dear, I would like to ask something related to Blog SEO.

As the title says. Subdomain or Subfolder

Where We host our blog relative to our main site or make subdomain, which one would be the perfect.

Let’s take some examples:

  1. MainSite - http://www.templatezy.com

  2. Subfolder - http://www.templatezy.com/blog e.g. http://www.templatezy.com/blog

3: Subdomain- http://blog.templatezy.com e.g. http://blog.templatezy.com

If one can be selected from the above then why…and what should be their Pros and Cons…want details from you.

In which situation, we can choose one of the above.

Seen dozens of times, that subfolder. www.xyz.com/blog can help in ranking, push the main site forward on top of the SERP…alexa and much mores then >>> why people go for subdomain even if their subdomain (blog.www.xyz.com) niche is related to main site (www.xyz.com) …why they not choose the subfolder option over subdomain (www.xyz.com/blog).

What a detail with Pros and Cons of both so that we pick a better one for site…


You rose an interesting question. Surely content hosted on a single domain is much more SEO friendly than placing it on different domains. A Sub-domain is actually a complete different domain with contents placed on a separate location where as in case of sub-folders the robots can crawl all data through a single root directory without having to take different crawl trips for fetching content.

example.com and example.com/blog gives fast crawl rate and helps the robot to save time


example.com and blog.example.com means the robot needs to take two separate trips for each domain because now the crawl load is doubled.

Bad news: We can not create Subfolders in Blogger!

Unfortunately sub-folders can not be created in blogger to host a blog. Blogger blogs are hosted on Google servers and you can only host your domain but not the blog. Blogspot blogs can either be accessed via the root domain or sub-domain but not through a sub-folder. Most bloggers who have linked to their blogs through example.com/blog are actually using the redirecting tool found at Search Preferences . They are simply redirecting example.com/blog to example.com/search to give an impression like their homepage is a landing page and the blog is actually hosted at example.com/blog. This redirection is a 302 temporary redirection and has no SEO value and is a total waste of time.

So the conclusion is that you are right that subfolders play well in SERPs but the fact we can’t host blogger content on sub-folders gives us the second choice and that is to host content on sub-domains like creating pages like services.mybloggertricks.com, contact.mybloggertricks.com and editor.mybloggertricks.com or http://ask.mybloggertricks.com


Got the point. thanks for your best quotes.

But i have another question, you said. that blog.example.com is totally a new site than your main site. So will we get advantage of visitors from the subdomain. If they are landing on subdomain (blog.example.com) this mean, we are receiving all these subdomain landed traffic on main site too…? or in another words i would say, MBT readers reading your new forum, so all these visitors are considered also as they are landed on www.mybloggertricks.com can we get traffic impressions from subdomains ?


No, what he is saying is that a Subdomain has its own everything. There is nothing shared between forums.example.com and example.com

However, if they have a forum that is example.com/forums/ then the traffic is being pointed to the same domain. Now as for which one is better it depends on your website structure. For instance, if you are a news website that has branches in different countries such as Japan and China than you would want your content on a subdomain that way it can target locally and it is much easier for search engines…

It truly depends on what you are doing if you want something that is in different languages or countries than I recommend using the subdomain. If you want forums and multi languages then the forum structure should be china.example.com/forums/

RECAP: Subdomains are treated as their own domains in search engines while subfolders are not.


Thank you @Volnus , you have described that more clearly than me and that is exactly what actually subdomins are aimed for to decrease the complixity.

However The country language is often determined via a domain extension like .com.uk or .com.in and so on to deliver users with content in their local language , sub domains help create different sections of a site which could be separately managed and operated as you said correctly.

As far as the traffic thing is concerned @Templatezy, you will need to install analytics script separately for every sub domain. Note that root domain is also a subdomain which is located at www. So off course the traffic at this forum will be tracked separately and not counted in my blog’s analytic report.

Your total traffic is what you get from all these sub domains and sponsors look for this total sum and never just of a single domain.

Hope you worries are clear now buddy :smiley:


good question… i like… well atleast i am hosting on blogger so i don’t have to make anything


In my case am telling , It is better to take “Sub folder” Method . Because Google considering “Sub-domain” As like new site . Sub-domain needs new back-links , Also it needs to generate sperate Xml site