Which Heading tag should we use in Blogger Post


Recently i have marked that MBT use H2 for all Heading tags in post and, there is missing H3 tag (not found H3 tag in MBT’s post source code)

You also check source code of this MBT’s post about WebTextTool

Result: 1 - H1 tag, 15- H2 tag, 0- H3 tag and 2- H4 tag.

My Question :

Should i also use all H2 tag in my post?

I hope you understand what i am trying to ask



I Think H2 tag is best. Some tutorials its said H2 tag is better than H3. Fro SEO Use one keyword phrase In H tag.


@Brijesh @zaber

Best Strategy for Using headings in Blogger Template & Post.

In template,

  1. On Index Pages, Assign H1 to Blog Title, Assign H2 to Blog Post Titles and H3 to All Widgets Titles.
  2. On Post Pages, Assign H1 to Post Title, Assign H2 to Blog Title and H3 to all widgets Titles.

In Post,

  1. You have Already Assigned H1 to Post Title.
  2. Use H2 for declaring main headings in post.
  3. Use H3 & H4 for Declaring Subheadings and sub-subheadings.


Robin Singh


Robin Singh,

I’m agree with your answer but, I did not ask about Blog Title, Post Title Tag and Widget Title tag. I want to know about Subheading tag. I m confused because i have seen all H2 Subheading tag and zero H3 tag in MBT’s post.

Why MBT not using H3 for Subheading ?

You can check subheadings of this post “11 Common SEO Mistakes…


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Here is your answer. In post page you need to use H1 tag for your article title and make sure there is only one h1 tag present there. In homepage your blog title should be in h1 tag and all your post title should be in h2 tag. @Mohammad bro already published 2 awesome article about this topic - http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2015/06/Optimize-Headline-H1-H2-Tags-In-Blogger.html & http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2015/06/missing-H1-Tag-in-Blogspot-blogs.html