Which CMS Should I Use For My Academic Publishing Site?


hey, i want to make a website, where users and i can upload files, bascially this will be our university website, where students will upload study releated materials, like class notes and all.

  1. i want to knw which plateform would be best for it? blogger or wordpress or any other service? btw i am currently using wordpress on my previous website blogs for few months.

  2. any after seceltion of plateform, which theme or plugins should i be using, can u please tell???



Blogger cannot help you on this. Even wordpress can’t fulfill your requirements. Go with any other paltform of your choice


Hi @The_Next_Rex,I guess we had a private discussion long ago about your Academic publishing site. I would agree to @sasikareti (Sasidhar) here. I know someone from my acquaintance who has a similar site and he says it is built on Ruby on rails.


actually i was comfortable on these two cms,

btw some one changed the question? any ways it sounds bit professional now :stuck_out_tongue:

btw i build it on wordpress, using few plugins and stuff,


although it is underconstruction, do visit and give me ur beloved feedback as always :slight_smile:


Hi @The_Next_Rex, It was me who changed the Topic title. I thought this was more appropriate and if it still needs some alterations Mustafa will change it. :slight_smile:

I guess the site is in its early development stages. Do complete it half-way and share with us. Good Luck!



sure, just final touchup is left, should be reday in a day or two :smile:

working on a forum in it, not as good as this one, but for students its should worik, i am using bbpress for this purpose, i just wana know if we can make categories in bb press just like we have iover here?


Approved Adsense :smile: thanks a lot :smile:


OMG! Congratulations on getting your AdSense approved. :slight_smile:


thanks a lot :smile:

btw u have adsense rite?


Hi @The_Next_Rex, I am not a money blogger. So I really don’t need AdSense for now maybe someday in future I will try monetizing my blog. :slight_smile:


your feedback on www.studymaterial.thenextrex.com will highly be welcomed


its almost complete now :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: i want to knw if i need to add any thing apart from the content