Which Blogging Platform Shall I Use For Blogging?


Hi Everyone, First of all thanks to all of you for such a good forum. Well, This is my first post here. I am thinking to start blogging to Improve my English writing skills. But as a newbie, I am confused about choosing the platform for blogging. I am a newbie. I need your suggestion about platform I should go for. I also want to know. If someone wants his blog to earn some coins. Then how much time a blog will take to start earning and how much a person can earn from single blog? Thanks.


Welcome to the bloggers community @atif1.

So you want to start a blog?

As you are a beginner, you must go with Google Blogger. Wordpress will be little much difficult for you to work on.

Personally I believe that you should not go for earning at this stage. Because you are just a beginner. Once you lean all about blogging, have a incredible blog and lots of followers, you can start with adsense for earning.

This forum will definitely help you in becomming a problogger. Just keep asking your queries here. All of them will be asnwered as earliest as possible. You can also contact me personally at naman@outlook.in

Happy Blogging!


Thanks bro @NamanKumar for your reply and your suggestion.
Have a nice day.


EVERY ONE WANT TO EARN MONEY FROM BLOGGING BUT IT IS NOT EASY it will take so much time because if you are good at seo or other things so you can otherwise it is very difficult i wish you best of luck for your blogger


A CMS ( Content Management System ) is not your ticket to success. It’s going to help you out a heck of a lot, but without a good marketing strategy and quality content or services – your website or project isn’t going to be as successful as you hope.

For newbies whos don’t have knowledge about html, css, java and php, The Blogger is a ideal choice. Blogger comes with simple UI, which is very easy to understand and easy-to-use.

The other available choices are —Tumblr, WordPress.com and finally self-hosted WordPress.org.


Thanks to all of you for your nice replies. Soon I will post here on this forum about my blog and I will annoy you people whenever I need you :).


Just try Blogger first if you to know more about blogging, it’s free and really easy to customize.

And do not even think about earning some coins, just keep make good content, maybe will take some time…months…years maybe for making some coins from you blog. Focus only to your content.


i am agree with mad because he is right keep make good content and focus on it best of luck inshallah we will see your blog


I Do want to contribute something Here,

Starting a Blog is simple but you need to maintain rapo to increase page hits. Once you have good traffic then you can apply for Google absence or some other affiliate networks to earn money, But these all can be possible on your hardwork/Smartwork here after a minimum of 3 months.

All the best


@atif1 For improving your english writing skills read this post

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Hi @atif1, Welcome to Blogger help Forum. :slight_smile:

You can go for anyone one of the Popular Blogging platform - WordPress or Blogger.

For WordPress.org you will have to invest much capital in it. If you are ready for it so you can opt for WordPress. WordPress has plugins to install whereas on Blogger you will have to use codes. Even if you are not a programmer or familiar with coding you can get many codes for various features available on a single click. Or if you don’t find one ask on this forum. :blush: Blogger is no less than WordPress.

So, it is ultimately upon you to choose a suitable platform for yourself.

A blog can even start earning in a month or it can also take a year to do that. :stuck_out_tongue: It all depends upon the type of blog and the method you are choosing for monetizing your blog.

There is no limit but there is no guarantee too. If you want to be a money blogger you will have to find ways to monetize your blog.

Or if someone is just a hobby blogger like me… They can relax and enjoy learning and sharing their knowledge. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Hi @atif1, You can choose blogger if you want a free blog or if you can invest some coins, I suggest you to choose WordPress.org. WordPress.org in really the best blogging software. I used it and got to know. Blogger is also good but as free. Some days ago i was invited from a blog’s admin to right a post on his blog and I found some great features like word counter and great options from yoast plugins like facebook title, google+ title and also you can put a title for google that is different from your actual post title.

Hope It Help You. :smile: