Which Blogger Shortcode Would you Like us to Create?


Since we have finally released the Blogger Shortcode Plugin which is receiving some great feedback from across the blogging community. It is now time to gather some feedback from forum members what are there favorite Web applications for which you would need a custom macro shortcode that you could insert inside your blog posts, widgets and comments easily without using any long scripts and taking trouble of building the DOM. :wrench: :hammer:

Right now our focus is on Video, Audio, jQuery widgets, CSS3 web elements, Web Documents etc. Mention in detail which web object would you like to be included in the ShortCode plugin list.

Think of any apps or web elements that would benefit a large community. Like you can request a shortcode for Slideshare Slides, YouTube Videos, TED Talks Videos, Instagram Shortcode and so on. Think of anything that is largely used in content publishing and used by bloggers frequently. :rocket:

How To Host Shortcodes Directly inside Blogger Template?

I don’t use Blogger but I am pretty sure that if @Mohammad has launched this plugin then it would be great. Keep up the good work. I can understand the importance of this new blogger inventory from you what you call “Blogger shortcode Plugin” because I have used Blogger is past and I used to hit my head a lot on my monitor when I was adding shortcodes in my content therefore I expect some great feedbacks from blogspot users from all around the world.


You are doing a geat work @Mohammad. I would like to give you some suggestions, on which you can work:

  • Adding a direct download torrent file in comments
  • Adding a bar graph
  • Calculator
  • Facebook post sharing plugin
  • Adding direct download files like- PDFs, DOCXs , PPTs etc.
  • sharing social media profiles in comments, like facebook, google+, twitter etc.
  • videos from youtube, vimeo etc.
  • Sharing another blog’s profile, generated on the basis of meta tag or Open graph tags.
  • embedding google map locations via shortcode plugins.

Hope you’ll like some of them! I’m eagerly waiting for the development of shortcodes. Please Do it fast! :smile: :smiley: :wink:


i saw the demo i would like to use Video Audio JQuery Widgets that is really cool ALl credit goes to you brother and you really work harder i appricate your work may ALLAH give you more more succes because you are helping others without any cost i am really your fan i love this but you have to take some rest brother


Thank you dear @HusnainMz and @NamanKumar and @Tariq_aziz I have read all your suggestions and have recorded them in my TO-DO list. I will focus on these suggestions a lot and will try my best to develop them the sooner possible. Another great idea was the Adsense shortcode which allows you to add adsense to any location inside your posts, Got this idea from @zohaibliaqat post on


Thank you Very much @Mohammad Wish you best of luck :smile:


What about a shortcode for fade-in and fade-out effects for images???


Create a short code for adding custom Featured post :smile:


Mohammad Bro, Is it possible to create a shortcode that display profile short view when we add profile url? Like when we add our new post url to post it on our facebook page, it show preview of that page with name, description and one featured image.


Profile URL for which services? Blogger already has it for Google+


That can be done! Will add it to my to-do list

@HusnainMz Shortcodes create dynamic widgets, it is not meant to create CSS effects dear


no no. I am saying that, when we open our facebook page to post the url of our new post, after pasting the url, loading icon appear and then a short box with picture and description appear (of that url). Can you create a short code that convert a url into that small box? When we add [url]http://www.anything.com[/url] on html section of post.


I surely can Thank you for that great idea! :smile:


Welcome! & thanks for your effort. :smile:


@Shivansh Your Facebook Shortcode Plugin has been finally released!

To insert a Facebook Page Plugin anywhere on your blog just type this

[facebook src=“bloggertricks”/]

where you need to replace bloggertricks with your Page username. That simple!


Facebook Like Box plugin is deprecated and will stop working on June 23rd 2015. So our shortcode supports the latest Page Plugin which you can now install easily.

:link: [Facebook Page Plugin Shortcode For Blogger][1]

We strongly welcome more new shortcodes suggestions. :smile: [1]: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2015/04/add-facebook-page-plugin-in-Blogger.html


Thanks Mohammad for this awesome plugin! But I was not saying about this. :frowning: I was saying about any url we put in what’s on your mind box and after few seconds, a preview blog load with that url’s description, featured image and title. And this Widget also very appreciable. Thanks :smile:


I need help in placing the tabshort code in blogger just below the main menu can you help where to edit it on the template

have a look at the blog newshortert(dot)blogspot(dot)in


Hi @Mohammad, Thank for Introducing a awesome concept to simplify our routine tasks,

Is it possible to Insert auto “alt” “title” tags for Image & link in blog posts.

I’m doing it manual for Images, but for Links there is only way using Windows live writer which i know.


@Sandhya- Mohammad has already introduced the Image Shortcode for Blogger by which, you can add alt and title tags without entering on HTML mode of the Blogger Editor.

To use this shortcode, you can go with the following code:


Just use it!

@Mohammad- Mohammad, I just used that image shortcode and got everything working fine! But I don’t know what happened, MBT’s logo is displaying instead of my placed image. You can see it here. Hope you’ll solve it fast!. :smile:

[UPDATE]- That was fixed! Actually I forgot to place the src part in that Shortcode code.

Shortcode Request- Yeah! I also have a shortcode request. Can you create a tooltip shortcode for blogger? In which, we will type [tooltip title='ANYTHING_HERE']anything here[/tooltip] and it will show a nice tooltip when we hover on ‘anything here’.

[UPDATE] - Shortcode Created! Thanks!

Thanks again for creating Shortcodes for Blogger!


I Recommend you to Introduce Short Code For Social Content Locker. That Would Be Great For Us and Next One Should Be Blogger Contact form With Features Like Width and Height Plus Color…