Which are the best places to learn Java and PHP online?


Hey Blogger help forum community, Can anyone of you guys recommend a quality platform where I can learn both PHP and Javascript???

I know about w3schools, so I need you guys to recommend some other places. Please do not delete this post, it’s very important for me :O… And I will love to have an answer from you @Mohammad.


Well, w3school is a good place to learn PHP and JavaScript. You can either buy a book that will help you learn three languages, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript and now, it fourth edition is available. You can buy it here => http://lpmj.net/4thedition/. You can see the reader comments about this book:


The Best And The One Where I Use To Learn Java And Php Is w3schools.com It Is The Best Place Because you can learn there by examples also.


Hi @HusnainMz, Mustafa sir said in a post that he is busy for a week. In the meanwhile, would you mind if I answer this?

@ngtechzone He already knew that as he mentioned in his post. Any other places you would like to recommend? :smiley:

P.S. I have changed the title and the category. Also, Java and Javascript are different from each other. In the topic title you asked places to learn Java and PHP and in the post you asked for Javascript.

P.P.S. This is not an exhaustive but an indicative list, and one may add many other sites to it.


Thanks @Rohan for replying on such a short note :slight_smile: