Which are some reliable companies to buy a custom domain from?


Hello dear fellow,

I would like to build a blog ( long-term basis) and host on blogger platform. I am sincerely seeking expert advice to buy domain name from reliable company. I have header that some companies might demand big price for renewal period when a blog becomes popular. Is it right? Please give your expert suggestions in this regard from where I should buy domain for my blog that will be hosted at Google blogger platform?



You can buy your domain from godaddy. Go to godaddy and search for your domain available or not. From godaddy, you can also buy a .co domain.


wait muhammad or other members can tell you better palace where you can buy domain


There is a plethora of such companies on the market and each Registrar offers a different pricing policy, terms & conditions… Therefore, choosing the right company to register your domain with may be the key to your success. when choosing domain registrar company be sure that offers both domain registration and hosting packages along with full domain control to its customers.

below is the some highlighted tips.

1. affiliated reseller

2. Full domain control

3 Convenient user interface and sufficient knowledgebase

4 Reliable and efficient customer service

Where to buy a domain? There are many companies you can buy domain names from, including:

HostGator EasyDNS

ix web hosting 1and1 Yahoo! Small Business No-IP

If you’re in the United States, you can also integrate Google Domains with Blogger.

No I don’t have any experience with them but from the reviews that I have heard so far, they are have very sweet words for good services. Remember that you’re not stuck with a particular registrar. If you really have the misfortune to use a registrar that targets you for a huge price increase, you don’t have to swallow the bad treatment. Just transfer your domain name elsewhere.

In my experience with the registrars I’ve used before, their prices are the same for everyone. And it’s automated so you’re not dealing with a nefarious person sneakily adjusting prices on their website every time they sense that you’re surfing at their site.

And you needn’t worry about high price demand. If you still have, 6 month or a month remaining on your domain name, check your renewal fees if that is a high then others, transfer your domain name to another registrar, the a remaining month will be transferred as well.

I hope the above tips are helpful, if you have further question about the topic let me know…


Thanks for reply. What about Host Gator? I am waiting to get reply from brother @Mohammad for expert advice.



Thanks everyone for your kind suggestions. What about Host Gator for domain registration? please let me know your valuable suggestions in this regard. Still waiting from response from admin@Mohammad


According to a Poll conducted by lifehacker.com Namecheap was voted as the best and most reliable Domain Name Registrar.

I have been using Namecheap since 2008 for all my Domains and found no problems in renewals or for that matter any other related matter.


I am using Hostgator for all our network sites and also recommend it to anyone we care. I am extremely happy with their secured servers, up time delivery and unlimited disk space and high bandwidth. Hostgator support staff is extremely helpful and always active 24/7/365

Its Cpanel is also quite simple unlike Godaddy’s complex UI. So I would it give a thumb’s up and recommend it for starting your online career.

The company only charges when you exceed the bandwith limit or some other restrictions. So far Hostgator has not over-charged us yet for over a 4 years period :star2:

They charge you when you upgrade from hatchling plan to baby plan or business.

I am using baby plan because it allows me to host several domains on a single account unlike hatchling where you can host only a single domain.

In baby plan you need to pay for every new domain you register but you wont need to pay for storage hosting


Never trust these polls or any reviews buddy. They are often affiliate campaigns where the poll organizers or reviewers get a commission for sending new customers to the webhosting company…


Thank you very much indeed. I am now relieved. I will now go with Host Gator. Yes. Lots of people recommend HG and hope will get best services in my case as well. Again many thanks buddy @Mohammad


Godaddy is the best to buy a domain and set up . The best service in the world now


Hi Raj, Some bloggers suggested that they (GoDaddy) cost low at the beginning but their renewal charges are too high compared to the other leading companies. Can you please guide us with this if you have been a godaddy user previously?

Rohan Chaubey.


Yes, @Rohan what u listened is right. The renewal price is higher than the base price I’musing Godaddy for 2 years, even though, the price is high because of their Service. Godaddy is good for the beginners


You are correct in your assessment, most opinion Polls and posts appearing on various sites on hosting services are colored and misleading and appear to be nothing more than paid posts and endorsements all for a fat commission.

The Query asked on this thread was for a Domain Name Registrar and not Web Hosting Provider, hence I thought, I could share my experience with Namecheap as a Domain Name Registrar. It is also quite likely that others might not have had the same good experience.


I recommend godaddy now a days they are offering domain at only 99cents :smile:


i dont know about this :frowning: so i can not say anything but i always prefer free blogspot hahahah just kidding dont mind


Exactly Ammar but did you see the renewal rates? They are unreasonably high compared to some other good names (Companies).