Whether subdomains effect on the main domain?


Hi @Mohammad. Previous… you say: I should not mix many topics in my blogs. I decided to start a blog with tutorial blog topic, do I need to take a new domain? or I simply put under my previous primary domain so that it becomes tutorial.biluping.com

whether the subdomain will give effect to the main domain? and for search results, whether it will appear together or merged into one outcome under biluping.com


@fadlybiluping I suggest you to use seprate domain for topics that are not related to your main domain blog niche…

Effect of subdomain on main domain

Sub-domains are effected by trust scores and site scores which include content quality of the main domain though for the most part, they operate as separate sites.


Thank you @AmmarAli for your response. My main domain has the topic of the tutorial as well, but I mix it with astronomical topics and some of life’s journey, so I want to separate them.

I plan to put a tutorial topic on tutorial.biluping.com then put the topic of astronomy in astronomi.biluping.com for traffic to continue to flow to the main domain but every blog has its own topic.

I just want: my brand (BiluPing) can be attached, such as news sites that have multiple subdomains to different topics


@fadlybiluping As far as I understand it… it all depends on how those “sub-sites” interact with the “main site”. If hte subs are independant, do not interlink with each other or the main site - then chances are they will be treated independantly. If they link to each other, or to the main site, and the main site links to them - then they will likely be treated as a singular entity, no different than Directories of a single site.

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@mybloggertricks thanks for answer. I have read the link you provided but I then getting confused :smile:

there explained that the subdomain with the same theme can be a cannibal in the search results, then what about my blog? subdomain that I want to have a different topic. astronomy and tutorials blog so (probably) not mutually cannibals in search


Some fun and effective uses of Vanity URLs, that’ll allow you to benefit from SEO best practices without sacrificing ease of access for your users. Follow the link below and i hope it will help you a lot about canibaliztion


Thankss @mybloggertricks I have read it back, either because of my knowledge of the English language are less so feel not understand. But I try to take the outline of the article.

It’s like saying: The primary domain must have its own topic and keywords then when we tried to use a subdomain, it also must have a different keyword. Is it like that?

Then they mentioned the use subfolders. how to apply it on blogger blog when we can not create subfolders



Unfortunately i’m not to expert as a webdeveloper, creating subfolders on blogger is to hard (may be not possible) but i have found a little hack on (how to create subfolders on blogger) not sure its working or not (just suggestion). learn more about it, please follow the link below i hope it will help…