Where to host JS and CSS for better speed results?


Hello guys!

I am using Drive for hosting my all JS and CSS but its server is not that fast and my page speed is very low its almost about 33.5 seconds. That is worst really worst and for some reasons i don’t want to host that scripts and CSS directly in my blog so can you tell me some hosts who’s servers are fast enough for loading of blogger blog?

P.S:- @Shivansh Suggested me to host at yourjavascript.com but i didn’t find any great results with that :frowning:

Please! ~ thanx


@Nafees, I never suggest you to upload your any CSS using Google Drive because its server is very very slow. Reason- whenever it loads, firstly - googledrive.com redirect to drive.google.com then it redirect to googledrive.com then again it redirects to drive.google.com and at last- the scripts loads and this is the reason because of which scripts uploaded on Google Drive always load slowly. I had wish to recommend you Google Code but sadly, it is shutting down.

I again advise you to host your JavaScript on yourjavascript.com because their server and loading speed is fast. But I strongly recommend you to host all the JavaScript directly on your template because it decrease your loading speed a lot! I self hosted all the JavaScript on my template and I decreased my blog’s loading speed from 54 seconds to 1.57 Seconds! without removing anything from my blog.

My second choice is Dropbox for uploading CSS but dropbox is not very fast but faster than Google Drive. So you can use it! or Buy your own hosting as @mohammad did (downloads.mybloggertricks.com).

Hope it help you!


Ok brother! but what if i obfuscate and paste it on my blog will it take more time to load?


No @Nafees. Obfuscation is a way to decrease your blog’s loading speed. You can go to javascriptcompressor.com and tick Base62 Encode option and then paste all the JavaScript (without script or script close) and click compress button. Then paste that JavaScript on your template under CDATA tags. Your blog’s load time will automatically decrease. :smile:


Okay Giving it a try! Is CDATA tag necessary here?


If you will not add CDATA tags, you will get some errors but its not important for all JavaScripts but its necessary for only those JavaScripts after adding which blogger html editor gives errors. :smile:


use Github pages for hosting your javascript or css. In my opinion follow @shivansh advice


@Shivansh Dear, can you please help me regarding the same matter, my website is lagging, I don’t know why but I am sure it’s something with Javascript issue. Please check url: mypctips.com and let me know what’s the issue and suggest me something for fixing it. Will be Glad.


Dear, I can’t help you e.g., I can’t help any person indivisually. I have written all the solutions I know for your problem, now read it. I can’t re-explain everything just for one person.