Where is everyone? It's lonely in here!


I’ve been away for so long as I was busy with my website as well as other duties away from the Internet, so when I logged back in here, I’m surprised how lonely this place has become.

I’m I missing something? Where is everyone?

Would love to reconnect with other website owners especially those that have been members for several years.


Welcome back Alberts!

So nice to see you back. Actually I was busy with a research on crypto Currencies and I have published it at bitcoinisscam.com.

As a result of this one year research and data collection, I was almost off the scene. I will start blogging actively at mbt within a month and have a lot of interesting tutorials to share. :grinning:


That’s great to hear! looking forward to reading what you have in store for us.


I think it’s the time for Blogger users to connect with fellow bloggers. I’m also feeling lonely here.


Please be active in MBT and again make the blogger users to feel proud for using Blogger platform.


I think he have just lost his mother so he might need some time.


Oh, Sorry! I didn’t know that. Just now saw his article about her mom in his blog. :cold_sweat: