When will be the next PR update by Google?


Is PR is Dead?? If not when will be the next update? If yes Why?? Without PR what will be the future of SEO?? How to analyze the quality backlinks without PR??
Do we depend upon MOZ’s Page Authority(PA) and Domain Authority(DA) to analyze the quality of a Backlinks??

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It’s already dead (maybe), and Google change it into “Trust Rank”


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There is no doubt in it! PageRank is dead for users but alive for Webmaster Team to them provide with relevant info about Backlinks

Google Officially accepted that PR will no more work

In October 2013, Matt Cutts strictly emphasized we would likely not see another Google Toolbar PageRank update before the year end.

Google employee John Mueller also said in a Webmaster Hangout video that there will probably not be another Toolbar PageRank update ever.

How to judge a Website Score now?

Matt Cutts has always been telling webmasters for years not to rely on that single metric because it is just not enough a data to score a site. He emphasized on educating potential advertisers that PageRank isn’t a good indicator and isn’t being publicly updated, he instead recommended to focus on traffic, Analytic stats, User engagement, and market demographics rather than a website ‘PR score’.

Now it doesn’t mean Google is not updating PageRank internally, they’re just not sharing PageRank data with users anymore. They will continue ranking sites on PR basis but the data will be visible only to the WebSpam team and not the public inside the Toolbar.

Should you now look at Moz DA?

I would favor the ideology set by matt cutts. It is really not logical to judge any website on basis of a single score metric, may it be PR or DA or even ALEXA. The most accurate judgement of any website can be made on the quality of traffic it receives and its engagement and market exposure through demographics. All these ranking metrics are mere assumptions and never accurate

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If you really want to keep updated with it then you can follow Google, Matt Cutts and Google webmasters