When Will Be My New Blog Indexed by Google?


Last Week i created my New Blog with 6 Post. But My Posts are not Indexed by Google. I submitted post to Google Webmaster Tools/ Fetch as Google. And i submitted Sitemap Also. Can anybody tell Me When My Blog is Indexed by Google. My New Blog is About Android News, Apps & Tutorial


Quoting here @Mohammad’s reply:

Well, as in my knowledge, my last blog (Diary) had got indexed within a night was only 24 hours old. I suggest you to wait for at least 1 week because , Google index new sites very slowly.


Bro it takes about 6 months for google to properly understand a blog and understand so if your blog is new take no tension about indexing just write unique and quality post and then your blog will be definitely indexed :smiley:


you can use “fetch as google” feature in google search console to index your site instantly. I use this feature to index my new post in google.