When it works, Saying Thanks is just to show your gratitude :)


sorry i couldnt find any category for this, any ways i would like to thank @Mohammad @Rohan for their detailed guidance and help. MashaAllah my Adsense is finally approved.

Thank is just a word to show your gratitude and respect one have for the other :smile:

i have been following MBT in detail, learned a lot. further help was provided by this forum.

i cant tell how happy i am, after three rejections, i was having dreams in real, in which my adsense was approved :stuck_out_tongue:

i crosschecked it to make sure its not a dream this time :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks one again @Mohammad and @Rohan :smile:

How Can I Get My Google AdSense Account Application Approved?

Hi @The_Next_Rex, Many congratulations for getting your AdSense approved. I am so happy for you as you were struggling to get it approved for so long.

Awโ€ฆ You had dreams and you achieved those in real! :slight_smile:

Make the most of it. All the best!

~ Rohan.

P.S. I am re-categorizing this Topic under โ€˜Communityโ€™.


sure, u can, i just wanted u and @Mohammad to know :smile:

and yes i was struggling for long, now atleast i wl have an idea if i can earn from adsense :smile:


Congratulations dear @The_Next_Rex All credits goes to your hard work and dedication. People like @Rohan and me can only guide you, rest it is you who transform a dream into reality and executes the ambitions. I wish you all success in life and pray to God to succeed you with all your online endeavors :innocent: . God bless you buddy


Ameen, and Thanks @Mohammad, btw its Ali Rao , i hope u remember :smile: any other advice or suggestions ???