What will happen to my 1 year old blogspot blog when changes to custom domain?


I have a blogspot blog which getiing 50 daily visits. have 20 articles. Now i’m thinking out getting a domain name. i’ve already been approved by adesne. Because this blog is 1 year old. So here’s my questions. I’m from india.

Which is the best and cheapest domain name registrar in the long run?

will google disable my adsense account.?

what changes do i have to do in webmaster tools?

do i have to apply for adsense again ? should i change domain name keep host content on blogger? or should i change domain and move to wordpress? i’ve no experience with wordpress.

in short what changes will happen to my blogspot blog when switch to custom domain?


Hello! Glad to see you here.

Answer for your first question

I think so you should go with BigRock because they have cheap offer and great discounts as well as they provide you great support :wink:

Answer 2nd

Yes,Google may disable your adsense account if there is some kinda invalid click activity or some illegal content.If you change your domain then nothing is going to happen but be sure to change the address of your site in adsense account :smile:

Answer 3rd

No you dont have to apply to adsense again because adsense is affiliated with blogger blog not with your url.

Answer 4th It totally depends upon you if you find blogger easy and beneficial then go with it or if you find wordpress comfortable with your needs then surely you can go with it.

In Short nothing is going to change except of the blogspot’s url when you switch to custom domain!

Thankyou! Happy Blogging, ~ Nafees Khan :blush:


Hello @x100. Welcome to Blogger Help Forum. Let’s come to your question. Which is, what will be the affect in my blog after changing the domain. If you are a experienced blogger and going to change your blog domain (which is 1 year old), then it will really affect your blog. You will lost almost all your blog’s traffic.

I suggest you to choose NameCheap or GoDaddy. You can buy a .co domain which sounds nice and you can choose the best .co domain because it is quite new and not many .co domain has been registered yet.

I don’t think Google will disable your adsense account. As Nafees already said, it is affiliated with blogger blog not with your url. I am not much familiar with Google’s Adsense. So any other expert can assist you better.

You can use Blogger or WordPress. It totally depends upon your hard work. But I suggest you to use blogger because yet, you have only made 20 articles on your blog. WordPress is little bit difficult for a newbie.

-Shivansh Verma

What should i do after change domain?

Yes, you will see a drop in traffic and your rankings. My blog had good Alexa rank (and other ranks) and traffic after buying the custom domain, even the backlinks were flushed. So it was almost like starting a blog again. But I assure you that you will be able to recover faster as you would be already having lots of content and returning visitors.

~ Rohan.


Hey thanks for all the advice. if i change domain name i’ve to change URL on analytics, webmaster, and adsense ?


Yes. You have to change the URL on all of them.


i just purchased domain name from bigrock. Now how do i use it instead of blogspot?


Oh! Congratulations. But sorry. I don’t have any experience of BigRock. I had purchased my domains from GoDaddy. But don’t worry. I got your problem’s solution. A Blog name ‘Tech it blog’ just published an article about it. You can read it here.



hey thanks but i found a youtube video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9M1g2Z5u28 its working!!. but the google plus likes on my page gone


ok now i changed my blogspot url to .com one. What steps should i do next?


OH WOW! Would you mind giving us your blog new brand URL? :innocent:


You have to resubmit your sitemap now from Google Webmasters. Also, submit your new domain on major search engines like yahoo, bing, Google. Ping them also using pingmyurl.com and pingler.com.

One more thing, claim your new url on alexa by installing Alexa verification code on it. Treat it now as a new blog. Post daily and post unique and interesting content. Also share them with your friends using social media.


sure. hehe

previously hehe. hey look a bird


i think its a lot of work. i have to do all that again :frowning:



You gotta do all the things again for once and all (if you dont change your domain in future than only)!

Best of Luck . Happy Blogging!



ok thanks. if submit my blog again do i have to delete the previous blogspot blog? Also i don’t usually submit sitemap. I manually submit to index when i post. Thanks for the other tip. Also do you have anything to say about my blog?. it has 5 google plus likes . now all gone :frowning:


No. Their’s no need to delete your previous blog. Actually, you don’t have a previous blog. you have just given a new address to the same blog.

And you would again get the Google+ likes if you work hard with your blog. Just post unique and attractive content and use Social Sites to spread it. :smile: And Good Luck for your new blog! :+1:


how to create sitemap? its better than submit post to index individually


i found it. one last thing that in my mind ask. will my blog now regarded as a new blog or the old blog?


It is both, new blog and old blog. It is old blog for the visitors who have remembered your previous blog url because now, videogamerplus.blogspot.com will redirect to videogamerplus.com. And it is new blog for search engine because they have to re-index the whole blog.

And, you don’t need to create a sitemap. Just submit videogamerplus.com/sitemap.xml from Google Webmasters because now, Blogger automatically create sitemaps for blogger blogs. :smile:

-Shivansh Verma