What to put seo meta tag in blogger


what to put in this and with an example

seo meta tag in blogger

<link href='https://plus.google.com/your_google+_id/posts' rel='publisher'/>

<link href='https://plus.google.com/your_google+_id/about' rel='author'/>

<link href='https://plus.google.com/your_google+_id' rel='me'/>

<meta content='Google_verifaction_code' name='google-site-verification'/>

<meta content='Bing_verfication_code' name='msvalidate.01'/>

<meta content='your_alexa_code' name='alexaVerifyID'/>

<meta content='Your_fb_app_id' property='fb:app_id'/>

<meta content='your_user_id' property='fb:admins'/>

<meta content='@Username' name='twitter:site'/>

<meta content='@Username' name='twitter:creator'/>

<meta content='INDIA' name='geo.placename'/>

<meta content='Author_name' name='Author'/>

<meta content='general' name='rating'/>

<meta content='IN' name='geo.country'/>


You have to replace your_google+-id with your own google plus id. Replace google_verifaction_code with the code you receive from google webmaster tool. Replace Bing_verfication_code with the code you receive from bing webmaster tool. You don’t need the alexa id, it’s now automatic. Replace Your_fb_app_id with your website app id. Replace your_user_id with your main facebook account admin id. Replace @Username with your twitter username. Replace Author with your name. That’s it