What to do now for Adsense Approval


hello whenever I apply for adsense I got this either my all posts have unique content


Is that true? Not criticizing but speaking the fact, you almost had copied MBT one time.


IT’s sad to say but most of your content are copied.

This is just the example and there are many other copied contents from different blog google really hates this. So create your own contents. You can get idea from others but don’t copy it :slight_smile:

Then buy a custom domain name for your blog, And try again.


Hey @PriRabi

See if you seriously have to earn through blogging and even money is not everything so if you wanna have a huge loyal audience, you must do ethical blogging. And I hope copying content doesn’t come under it.

But it can’t be the only reason for this. To find the actual reason you must check your inbox for the mail from Adsense.

I hope it will help you.


how to check to copied content details?


First of all google that,secondly use a plagiarism tool for checking that. You will get on google. And I seriously think you have the potential to blog so work hard. Best of luck


thanks trying to check my site plagirism .