What should I need to do in order to get BuySellAds approval?


Hey @Mohammad, I started blogging because of you but now I am needing your help seriously. I have a blog articlesteller.com and I have applied several times to get approved from Buysellads but every single time I got a declination message in my inbox. So can you please tell me that what more modifications I need to put on my blog to get approval this time???

Any help with be appreciated, Thanks.

Approval for BuySellAds Query!

@HusnainMz Please share your blog address here …


Muhsin, he already shared his blog’s url (articlesteller.com)

@HusnainMz- I request you to first search for the topic that you are going to create on forum. We had already discussed about this many times in the forum.

Topics Similar to this one:

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One of the above was created by you (the first one). Just go on those topics and read them whole. You will get your answer’s question.

-Shivansh Verma [1]: Why my blog didn't get approval from BUYSELLADS? [2]: How to Get BuySellAds Approval for my Blog


@Shivansh sorry about that … It is a mistake .


I think you want to say ‘it was a mistake’. Well, no problem. :smile:


Hi @HusnainMz, As Shivansh pointed, we have already discussed this twice I guess.

I think you even created a similar topic yourself and got a reply from Mustafa multiple times. I hope that will help you if you go through it once again. I wish you all the best for the approval. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan.


@Shivansh meant to say - “You’ll get answers to your questions.”


Oh yes. Thanks for reminding, Rohan. :smile: or you can also say “You will get your question’s answer” :blush:


Buddy do not get disappointed. Due to too much spammy sites BSA has increased the restrictions. As everyone pointed we have already shared several views on this in different forum threads.

The only criteria to get accepted is to make sure you are receiving atleast 1000 unique visitors per day and your blog is well setup and you share quality content.

Design + Traffic + Quality Content = BSA approval

I am sure you have a great template design and good content but do let us know about your traffic? What are your daily page-views and unique visitors count?


Ho hooooo, Today I applied to buysellads, let see If they approve me. after reading Mr. Mohammad grate text, I was interested to apply. Thanks to everyone.


can u plz share ur blog’s URL with us? I will love to see your blog


And don’t forget to share your experience with us, here on blogger help forum


I guess Sandhya is talking about her blog which she has mentioned on her profile page. You can check the link from there.


Hi @HusnainMz & @Rohan ;

Yes, Its about my Blog.

I have cool hits to get approval so Just tried. no Idea whether they approve me. Will share here what ever the status after I got info from them.


What result did you get?? @Sandhya Did they approve u or not?