What should i do after change domain?


Hello everyone.

As the title of this topic. I’m changing my blog’s domain but i don’t know what happens after that. So i wrote this post and hope anybody advise me what should to do. I’m using blogger blog.

Thanks all guys very much.

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@Quizzz Brother you better read this topic and its replies this may help you :-


Thank you @Nafees for fast response. But i have somethings to say:

  • I love blogspot blog so i don’t want to change it to WP blog. If i do that, i no longer worry like now.
  • Return to my question: Is there any way to redirect from Old-domain.ltd/2015/05/something-post-1.html to New-domain.ltd/2015/05/something-post-1.html? Both domain are located at the same service.


@Quizzz I think, you are looking for [this][1]. This script was created by me some days ago that works same you mentioned.

But it requires that your old domain is same as your new domain except extention (like bla-bla.net to bla-bla.com).

Hope You’ll Like that. :smile: [1]: Redirect Your old Domain extension To the New Domain through Redirection script


Your script help me very much. I try a custom, and seem it works very fine. The custom code is:

<script type='text/javascript'> if ((window.location.href.toString().indexOf(&#39;http://New-domain.com/&#39;))==&#39;-1&#39;) { window.location.href = window.location.href.toString().replace(&#39;http://www.Old-domain.com/&#39;,&#39;http://New-domain.com/&#39;); } </script>

Is this script affect to SEO?

Big thanks to @Shivansh


No @Quizzz. This will never affect your blog’s SEO because you not even touching your new blog or new blog’s domain. You are just doing something with your old blog’s domain that doesn’t matters.


Yes. I want to say again, your script very very great.


Thanks. :smile: If you would get any other problem, just ask us.