What should I Blog About? Need Help In Niche Selection


I am a Little Bit Confused``

Hi Friend’s!

I am an Adsense Earner from the last 1 year but not a Blogger. I know some basic things about Blogging like SEO and Writing Content. I am thinking about to start my blogging career but confused that

What could i Write?

What Niche Should i have to Pick?

Its a too Long Way! Can i Aquire the Goals?

Consider that i know only a little bit about coding and Doing my Intermmediate Studies right now, It is a good time to start a blog!. Should i will start Blogging?

Aaaaah! A Lot of Confusions…

Want to see answers from some Blogging Experts @Mohammad , @denharsh and my sweet friend @Rohan


Hello @prince first thing yourself what topic you are expert in, there in no limitations on any topic you can create a blog on any niche which suits you.

As For Coding Blogger Is An Excellent Platform it doesn’t require any higher coding skill the main thing you have to do is just keep writing quality and rich content which attracts your visitors. As For Template There Are 100’s Of Beautiful Template Available In Blogger So You Can Choose them with a single click!!.

I Recommend You To Use Blogger First Instead Of Wordpress or joomla etc. Also You will see that your adsense earnings will get a boost!!. As You Are Doing Studies You Have To Manage Your Time as i do. I am also a student but love to create blog’s also i give time to both studies and blogging.

Hope You Understand :thumbsup: For Your New Blog!!!


Thanks @ngtechzone

I am Using Wordpres from the Start of My Adsense Earnings, and have some Basic Skills in it! What do you recommed me should i Take a new start from Blogger or to Continue the Wordpress Platform?


Hello @prince if you are good in wordpress you should use it but the maing problem of wordpress is that free wordpress sites takes much more longer to get indexed by google whereas blogger is very easy platform and gets indexed by google by google so if you have more than 25 posts use wordpress otherwise start a new blogger blog. And If You Have Wordpress Custom domain like .com,.in etc. then only continue to wordpress otherwise choose blogger.


in my point of view you must start and try something what do you like most? and it is upto you

helping people is the best thing in this world so dont think just ask this question from your heart and what is your favorite topic that you can write more than 1000 post but you must have knowledge about that so i think you have got my point what you like just do it and dont think about people will like or not

what do you want to teach? what you have just share with people and i wish you best of luck for your blogging


Hi Umair,

Thanks for associating the adjective ‘sweet’ while referring to me. Glad that I got to know you here. :slight_smile:

Without being a blogger how did you manage to do that? Did you accept posts from others? Would you like to share with us?

Amazing! You will get an advantage if you already know a little about SEO and how to write quality content. Learning is a never ending process and you can master other skills too.

Choose the one which you feel most confident about. I previously answered someone about the niches one can opt for. Check this out:

Continuing the discussion from Suggest some Good traffic niche for starting new blog:

Yes, believe in yourself and we are always there to help each other for our mutual benefits on this forum. Thanks to Mustafa. :slight_smile:

YES! You should. Since you said you have knowledge about coding, it will help you a lot. Simple HTML tags are enough. No expertise required unless you wish to develop widgets and themes. But being a blogger doesn’t mean you need to learn to code. Even great writers can be great bloggers.

As I mentioned before, Learning is a continous process, with time you will understand everything. Just chase your passion.

All the best! :smiley:

~ Rohan.

P.S. Changing The Topic Title.


Thank you @rohan for this kind help and a detailed answer! I am a little bit confused that blogging is a long way so i am afraid that it will took years of years for me to be a blogger. I am impressed from you and glad to tell you that i am starting to blog selecting you as my inspiration…nd i hope that i can get help from you during my blogging journey. I will tell you my blog’s url soon!

Thanks for your answer!