What knowledge is Required to become a Template Designer and Pro Blogger?


Hi, I am a non IT student. I love blogging so much. MBT @Mohammad is my inspiration and idol. I want to be like him. That’s my dream.

But as i am not an IT student and i don’t afford to study IT in our country coz it’s too expensive for me. Can i be professional blogger by getting training of different courses. I know if we study IT then we get to know every thing in deep details but if we get training then we get to know only a specified subject that we get trained.

@Mohammad brother can you please suggest me can i be a good blogger just by getting training. I want to gain knowledge like creating blogger template, widget, css, html, wordpress, seo, social media marking, web designing, web development etc. Can it be possible with just by training. Can you please tell me what knowledge or training i require to be a good blogger.

Sorry for my bad english :blush: . Required a kind suggestion.


You don’t have to be an IT guy to be a professional blogger. You can learn from many website such:

:one: w3schools.com

:two: css-tricks.com

:three: mybloggertricks.com :smiley:

:four: tympanus.net

I learn many things from those website too :blush: , well not just only this four website, infact there’s sooooo~ many website on internet, you can learn a lot from them.

Yes of course you can :slight_smile: , did you ever seen an IT guy then he become a professional just by touching an IT component ? no isn’t, they learning about the component first and then they start to make something about it.

Well, maybe @Mohammad has a different opinion :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hmm It is Possible Bro! I am only 13 age guy and know every thing about blogger, How to Code, Hacking Everything from Practice! I even don’t use any site to learn html just I see the coding for doing something or what pro bloggers do. :smile:

Practice Make Man Perfect!


@shahsantosh I suggest you to read these free ebooks from MBT. As these ebooks are for newbie Bloggers. Click here to Download these ebooks :grinning:


Hi @shahsantosh, Your english is better than many, so congrats on that. To be a professional blogger it is not necessary at all to have good technical knowledge.

The most important thing you require to be a blogger is any language in which you are comfortable writing and expressing your thoughts. It can be anything English, Hindi, Urdu, etc.

Whichever language you choose try improving yourself and learn that language by reading what other bloggers write and how they write.

You don’t need to take up any courses to be a blogger. Basic education and awareness is all that you require.

If you want to be a widget and theme developer only then you need to learn programming languages and other technical stuff. But if you just want to be an blogger you only need to be able to express your thoughts and innovative ideas.

I am sure you will do well in whatever you choose. Just believe in yourself. :slight_smile:

Let me know if I can help you out in any way. I would be more than happy to do so.

– Rohan Chaubey.


@Mad Thanks for your suggestion bro . I will surely check those websites and try to learn :smile:


@AmmarAli I have downloaded the ebook that you had recommend me. I will read those books and hope it will help me. Thanks for your advice


@Rohan bro thanks for you advice. Bro don’t want to be just a blogger. I want to learn a codding, html, seo etc etc. The all knowledge that require to create a blogger template, widget, web template, to design website etc. I know that i cannot afford to study it. But i want to get trained which i can afford. So i need a suggestion what i need to learn to be a good blogger (theme developer, seo etc)


Blogging is more about writing. I see that you are more interested in developing than blogging. There are many online sites which will help you to master the programming languages you want to learn. I wish you all the best. :slight_smile:


It is surely a pleasure to receive such a kind feedback dear @shahsantosh. All praise goes to God buddy who avail us resources to learn and apply else we are no different in abilities. You don’t need to be someone like Mohammad or anyone else because you are far better than them if you are able to explore your God gifted potentials.

Dear @shahsantosh I have already given a detailed answer to @Templatezy on how to design and develope blogger widgets and templates which you can read here:

And I would like to add few more points that could help you achieve what aim for

Skills required to become a pro blogger

  1. Must read this post which I wrote years ago. Read all parts. I am sure after reading it you will get all answers to your questions
  1. The most easiest way to learn CSS, HTML, XHTML and Jquery (or any language) is to watch videos provided by Lynda.com. Their videos are paid but you can get access to their torrents online. The videos are so interesting that you will learn the basics within 30 minutes. I wish I knew of them long ago so that I might have not spend 4 years learning these languages but see you are more lucky! :smile:

  2. Third, keep asking questions from your friends and seniors and never stay dump when you get stuck. You have this forum now so speak out your heart and bug us with as many questions as you may have in mind that troubles you.

Hope these tips may help you be a far better man than those who inspires you and my best wishes are always with talented brothers like you :angel:


@Mohammad Thank you so much and i really appreciate for your kind full reply and surely follow your advice and thanks once again for creating this useful forum . It’s will helps us soo much for the new blogger like us . :smile:


WHAT? Are you asking me for my phone number? I am sorry that is completely out of topic. I request you to kindly engage in discussion to raise your opinion and views. We all would appreciate it.

By the way, good luck with your LIC work. But let me remind you that this is a forum for Blogger users. You are free to conduct your promotions and advertising out of this place.


Rohan Chaubey.