What is the Safe keyword density limit or ratio?


Tell me few things We can use two keywords Right?

  1. seo by Yost (wordpress plugin) asks for only one keyword. what about the other, ? How to specify it?

  2. keyword density should not be more then 3%… Meaning for an article of 300 words. Keyword should not be more then 9 times. Okay? People also say. One picture is about 100 words. So how to calculate the density? 300 words and one picture should be considered as 400 words? So my keyword should be atleast 12 times??

  3. what is safe keyword density for new blogs?

  4. please explain a little about how google recognizes our keyword, or give me an authentic link, i will study from there



That is indeed a nice question and I would love to answer it in detail:

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density means the ratio of your focus keyword compared to other related keywords. In short how repeatedly are you using different variations of the Major keyword.

Publishers believe that the good ratio of keyword density is 1.5%-3% but I never believe on such mathematics but common sense! As long as you are good at writing english you will never use repetitions in your articles instead you would prefer using synonyms (LSI keywords) and that is what you must do while publishing articles to stay on safe side.

Rule of Thumb: Use Related Keywords in Opening Para and write a para of no less than 150 words. Adopt a natural tone, don’t forcibly add related keywords everywhere. Using a keyword once nicely is better then stuffing it several times in Content.

Is Image equal to 100 words?

It is merely a proverb my dear and not reality. :smile: It means that a picture can give a much better understanding of things than simple plain text. Same applies to Videos when compared to Plain images. You image does surely not count when we talk of Keyword density.

What Are LSI Keywords?

Latent semantic indexing keywords (or LSI keywords) are nothing but SEO terms for related keywords or synonyms. Before this term has came into picture the only thing to determine relevancy of article was keyword density. Which means if your post is about “Mobile Phones” and you have used it 5 times throughout the article than your competitor needs to use it 6 times to beat your position in Google search, but let me ask you, is it fair?? Same Thing applies for search engine, instead of taking high keyword density into consideration, search engine bot now a days look for related keywords (Latent semantic indexing keywords) throughout the article. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t maintain keyword density for target keyword in our article, but over optimization can cause issues. That is why I mentioned to keep it between 1.5- 3 %.

What is safe keyword density for blogs?

Never believe on maths when it comes to Content, always value your common sense. Anything that is overused irritates the readers as much as it does Search robots. So as long as you keep a natural tone and use keywords when required and not forcibly, you are on a safe side. Use related or LSI keywords in your opening paragraph and also your headlines i.e. <h2> or <h3> tags

Let me know if you need more help dear brother

I need help about keyword density

Thanks a lot Mustafa Brother… i guess every thing is clear now :smile: however, i want to ask you few things.

  1. do we need any seo plugin, i am using wordpress

  2. if yes, then which plugin will you prefer?

  3. i am using seo by yost, is it okay??

do review my site, i have posted the topic and awaiting your reply on it


People here on my country, tell me to not to think about keyword density, just keep making a good content :smiley:


SEO by YOAST is the only best solution, better than even premium plugins! You have chosen the best option


thanks a lot mustafa bahi, but it allows us to submit only one keyword :frowning:

secondly here is an example

withdraw cash, withdrawing cash,

are they counted as two different keywords? and what about plural forms and other? does the keyword is counted as a seperate?? example,

oil price~ and ~oil prices~


as far as my personal opinion is, you would never go above 3%, unless you intentionally use keyword to increase density


plural and singular forms does not make a lot of difference and are counted same keyword. If you are using singular and plural at the same time then you have surely posted two keywords