What is the right time to submit blog sitemap?


Hi. What is the right time to submit a blog sitemap? Suppose I have set up a new blog. How many posts should there be before I submit my blog’s sitemap to search engines? And should I regularly keep submitting it or would just once be enough?


You just need to submit the sitemap just once. Google will be pinged by the sitemap file itself as soon as you publish new content.

You need to have at least 10 well written articles before asking search engines to crawl and index your blog. You can submit anytime you want but to give a better impression, submit sitemap when you have content on your blog. Submitting a sitemap with no posts would surely look weird!


Samurai is right. Submitting Atom or RSS feeds to Google/Yahoo/Bing is logical only when you have published some good number of posts, well organized your site, categorized content and have setup navigation. As soon as you are done with site’s basic layout and generated enough content ( at least 4-5 articles), you are ready to spread it to the world.

Unorganzied sites and site with no quality content are often mistaken for a spam site, so it is best that you setup content on your site before submitting it. The tool samurai referred to is our Multiple sitemap generator tool


Thank you for that tool mohammad, it is so very helpful. I was so looking for something like that


@Mohammad I have a question related to Policy and Terms & Conditions.

I see most of Blogger and Wodrpess blogs, having similar Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy pages, with same contents.

Is these pages are not coming in duplicate contents, Should we nofollow these pages.


Great question buddy These are the standard TOS and policy recommended throughout the web and we have linked back to the actual copyright holder which tells robots that we share a rule as endorsed by Wordpress So it is acceptable to share stuff as long as you link back and normally Google ignores the tOS and Policy and Disclaimer pages because of course these pages will rarely appear in search because they are meant for community users only


@Mohammad Thanks for your query.but if i say,

If i nofollow to TOs and Privacy policy Pages, Is this is allowed to do with certain pages, Can i do that to stop robots manually with rel-nollow from these pages.


I already published a post on mbt to never nofollow internal pages of your site . This is what Matt cutts strongly emphasised .

You may only noindex posts like affiliate posts and pages like you mentioned but let the links inside them be dofollow


@Mohammad Great its been now cleared to me.


I think we should add nofollow to privacy policy and TOS pages.

Mostly all peoples add policy and tos pages at footer or in top of bar, but that is appear in all the pages, So whenever Google bot come to our webpage, then they will crawl it, and passed it some rank to that page. They also changes it’s index if you modify some content on it. Now after long time, when you search your site, then they will show you that policy and tos pages at upper level. and I don’t think it is important position for that. yes we can change the site structure from GWT, but it is not the real solution. Also policy and tos pages consume our reputaion. Also we can not show there any ads, or any links for further crawl. So I think we should add nofollow tag to TOS and policy page. Matt Cutts just say, it is not good to add nofollow attribute on internal links, but not all the internal links. Many of website just block spider to crawl the login and signup pages. Even Facebook also using nofollow attribute on tos pages.

You can use anywhere nofollow in your site for the specific page, that you don’t want to appear in the search result. It is not harmful, it’s just block the spider to crawl that page, and I think some of pages is not important for the spiders, and we should block them with nofollow tag or by using robots txt.


By using mybloggertricks sitemap generator, you will face the problem in the future. you must use official blogger sitemap i.e. yourblog.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml.

use this sitemap, whenever you submit your blog to GWT.


Yes that is true now when Blogger has created separate sitemap.xml files for all blogs, we dont need to use the atom feed or RSS feed urls to submit sitemaps. That method still works but it would be wise to simply submit the sitemap.xml to webmaster tools. We already discussed it on this thread thanks for re-mentioning it.