What is the right time to add custom domain in blogger blog



I am building a blog on blogger platform. In order to get more visibility on search engine, I would like to add custom domain on my blog. Now, my question is what is the right time to add custom domain? should I add custom domain from the beggining or getting ranked in Google. Seeking expert advice regarding this question.

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Hi @ahmeddcc159

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If you are serious about blogging and want to play with it consistently and with full determination, You should add custom domain as soon as possible.

Build your brand from day 1. Your authority of new domain will build up and it is also best for SEO purposes.

Further more, what you want from your visitors? to remember your blogspot domain for some months and then you suddenly ask them to remember new domain, Or simply remember 1 simple unique URL from day 1.

Professional always try to use custom domain on newly born blog.


Thanks a lot @shahzad478 for your expert advice.



.blogspot domain does not make any sense, always start your blog with custom domain name. be professional and try to create unique contents. with .blogspot domain name, no one will be interested to follow or visit your site.

Thats the best advice ever. thanks.