What is the reason for Alexa ranking droping


Hi guys

My alexa rank countinosly droping.Please help me how can improve alexa rank and and how could i recover it.I am working one of my site and alexa was good but now alexa ranking droping? What is the reason behind this how can improve my site.Please help me.I would really appreciate your help.



Hi @Jonas_Stuart,

Don’t think about Alexa rank. Post regular quality content on your blog it will get well. Every blog has this problem. i.e. MyBloggerTricks.com, ShoutMeloud, Labnol, Facebook.

You can check it in Feb 2016 mybloggertricks is at 11000 and now at 37000.

In Feb ShoutMeloud is at 3000 and now 4000+.

Facebook has also dropped down to 3.

This is not a big issue.


Hi all,

My site is almost going one year but, i had low traffic in it. I got always 400 views only how can i make it more ?can anybody help me here’s my SITE really desperate for help i need to earn money for my tuition :fearful: and sad thing is i feel really giving up on this


I am doing SEO for a job site, TecheJobs.Com, since September 2016. Alexa rank was too good till mid December 2016. After that it is falling drastically for Global ranking mainly, though United States ranking is improving gradually. My Google analytics traffic for the site is also increasing.

Please help me to know as why is this happening for Alexa’s Global ranking ?


It’s not a big deal. if you do not post regularly or do not work on your blog then your alexa rank should be increased. myblogtech.com/ alexa rank was 60,00000+ and now its near 40,00000. So i think you don’t need to worry about alexa rank. just work on your blog consistently.


Don’t worry about alexa rank. It’s not an important factor anymore.