What is the process of Affiliate Marketing?


Hello Guys!

Can some one explain me the process of Affiliate Marketing? I mean from placing it on blog,earning and getting paid!

I am looking forward to implement on my blog! I think its a good way to earn. Some professional blogger use this as their main income and they don’t use any advertising program so I am willing to go with this

~Thanx for the help! || Nafees Khan


Actually @Nafees Affiliate marketing is a type of monetization in which you show adverts of sites to attract people to buy their products and if you send them a buyer they give you some commision according to the product price. Their is good profit in this but it is very difficult to attract visitors that’s why many choose google adsense as it pays according to clicks and impressions.

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Hi Nafees,

We have a detailed post about it on STC Network’s blog “Rich Income Ways”. The infographic in the post would help you understand the process easily. :slight_smile:

Link - Affiliate Marketing – Basics, Advantages and Disadvantages.

~ Rohan.


Hi @ngtechzone, Nice explanation but here’s the real thing - Affiliate marketing can be more profitable than AdSense. There are products on which you can get heavy commission unlike AdSense which pays you as per clicks and impressions.

Even ONE customer can help you earn $1000 and to get the same amount from AdSense you’ll have to drive good amount of traffic to your blog.

And it is not necessary that you’ll have to show Advertisements. Affiliate marketing is also done using social marketing and e-mail marketing.

~ Rohan.


Yes I Completely Agree With You @Rohan And That’s What i have said that you can earn high comission but driving that comission is difficult :smile:


Rohan thankyou very very much that post by you on SEM is just superb it cleared my most of doubts but Google affiliates has been retired so be sure to update the post


Sure. And BTW, the post is at RIW not at SEM. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh sorry I often get confused betn these two because they are for the same purpose :sweat_smile:


@Nafees I see. :wink:

@ngtechzone You’re right. I see exactly what you mean. Another perspective to consider is - Affiliate marketing is about targeting the correct audience. If you are targeting the right audience it should not appear to be that difficult. :wink:


I have inserted the code in my blog but the amazoninl showd as webpage not available


Please create a new topic for this problem :slight_smile: .


Is it possible for someone to post a link to a blog or two showing examples of such affiliate ads?