What is the name of the Font used in MBT Logo?


Hello Mohammad Bro! I want to know, Which font you are using on your logo? Because the font you are using on your logo is very beautiful. I also want to use it on my logo .

I am waiting for your reply. :smile:

Thanks for Creating the Forum


@Shivansh The font you are seeing there is not a plain texts…Its an image…but if you are finding for similar fonts…You can either go to adop photoshopt or Find in GoogleFont. thanks.


But, It that picture mohmmad also used a font for writing MBT. Can I know the font name?


The logo of MBT is designed using simple Photoshop layers and then merging them together and adding some gradient and drop shadow effects. It does not resemble some specific font that we may suggest however we have used king richard font for creating the “Blogger help forum” logo text.


Thanks Mohammad for telling the font name King Richard. I had downloaded it but it is in little tilt or say in italic style. How can I make it straight?? as you made in Help Forum logo?


Try setting it to normal from photoshop tool setting else try downloading simple richard font with no italic style


I think it was some how related to Krunch Font.