What is the maximum number of Google+ communities one can join?


Can anyone tell me that how many google communities we should join as per our blog niche? Is there any restriction or number we should follow?

Secondly, how many communities we have to create for a single niche blog. Is there any penalty for creating multiple communities for the same blog?

If yes, can anyone tell me the criteria for this.


Mohinder, Are you sure you are talking about “Google” community or “Google+” communities. And we discuss about Blogger platform not Google communities.


Dear Rohan, but it is related to Blogger because your blog depends on the communities to get viral traffic.


And what does Google communities mean?

I knew about Google+ communities but what is “Google community”?


This is the same thing dear and a blogger should understand that what does this mean. I mean Google Plus communities.

Is there google communities available?


Hey There, @BlogingFunda You are Welcome to BHF. You can join Google Plus Communities as You Want. But i have Seen many bloggers Posting on Unknown and Out of topic Communities to Get Viral Traffic . i mean Thats not good. But You can Join . And Post Posts Related to That Community Title as Much as You Want…


Thanks @ishworgiri and I am a true blogger not a spammer and if your community doestn’t like, I can quit but if you are allowing me to participate then I assure you that I too will follow all guideline of this website.


Dear Mohinder, I can’t locate the sentence in which @ishworgiri said that you are spammer. His means was this, that a person who join a Google+ community should always share posts which are in same niche of Google+ Community. Nothing More.

P.S. I have changed the topic’s title.


Apparently there is no limit to the number of communities one can join.

P.S. I am changing the topic title to make it sound sane.


That’s it, I wanted to know. Thanks for your quick answer.


Thanks @Shivansh for Your Kind Support. and explaning @BlogingFunda


Welcome @ishworgiri. :blush: