What is the best way to start a blog regarding blogging trends?


I have registered a url for my blog that is latestbloggingtrends.blogspot.com. I want to ask about the best way to start my blog along with the necessary tools or plugins needed for its SEO.


I took a look at your blog. It currently doesn’t have any content, you haven’t started posting yet. Since you just got started, you shouldn’t worry about SEO and everything. Also, blogger doesn’t have plugins like wordpress. You can use scripts in your templates that will help with meta tags and help with SEO, however I would recommend downloading a 3rd party template which does that for you automatically. In the meantime, you should start writing your first post, make sure it has good quality and is meaningful (something that people will read and find useful). This will be enough to get you started, and in your journey you will have a lot of specific queries which will be answered on this forum :smile: . Good luck.


@Shashwat_Chaudhary has given some sincere advices and I would like to add some more

  1. First and foremost Buy a custom domain. Best is dot com
  2. Produce substantially unique and Rich content. Bring something new and fresh to the community
  • Write on AJAX, HTML5 and JSON API to outstand all others if you focus on Blogger
  • Focus on Responsive Themes and Load time if you focus on Wordpress.
  • Avoid writing affiliate posts for 6 months and focus only on Plugins and Widgets
  • Share unique SEO tips for both platforms
  1. Apply all basic SEO to your blog. Check out the SEO Tutorials on our blog
  2. Customize your blog and make it mobile responsive.
  3. Apply for ads after six months only. Focus on content for the time being.
  4. Write at least 5 posts each week on fixed time
  5. Remain updated with latest news by subscribing to the officially news site of blogging platforms and also their twitter updates

Hope these tips are enough to get started with. :innocent:


@Mohammad @Shashwat_Chaudhary Thanks for your advice hope it helps me to start a successful blog.