What is The Best Way to Sell Website?


I want to sell one of my website (www.spicebloggertricks.com) but before it i want to ask something that what’s the best way to sell website and how i can get maximum profit by selling it & is there any other popular website where i can list my website like flippa…


The best way to sell your website is to place your ads on different locations so lots of people will contact you and ask for your demand. So you can get maximum value of your website whenever you talk to multiple people:

List of websites like flippa:

  1. http://buysellwebsite.com/
  2. http://www.afternic.com/
  3. http://pool.com/
  4. http://www.brandcrowd.com/domain-names/
  5. https://sedo.com/uk/?language=e

I recommend you to place your website ad on all of these services including Flippa. So you’ll get maximum profit as much as possible. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Flippa is a good site where you can list your website.Some times they will give free credits upto $100 or ask them. So you can use basic listing $9 for free upto 30 days.And you should be alert ,if website asked at good rate at flippa.In this case choose the payment wisely.Paypal is good thing but you only responsible to transfer website to buyer. Next if you choose escrow service which helps safety transfer for both buyer and seller but keep in mind use escrow at when sale is $xxxx.Why i am saying this means suppose if a person asking for $34 and you are using escrow service means you will get $5.Yes escrow service charge will be $28!!!.


Depends on a lot of factors, the biggest is how much profit you are making per year.

I know you can get a free valuation from these brokers who can help sell your website: http:// feinternational.com/sell-your-website/

Ask for Thomas, he was super helpful!


sedo.com and godaddy auctions is good one! Must give it a try!



I personally suggest you to work with a serious website broker like BizBroker24.com They offer a free valuation service and they can provide you a lot of reference and maxim. the price.