What is the Benefit of adding a Stats widget on blog?


Hello guys,

On few blog I have found that they add alexa widget or Pageview Counter Widget.

My question is that in which way is it beneficial to us? Does it give some kinda Impression?


~Nafees Khan


I think, the pageviews counter is just for impression and except it, there is no benefit and use of it. That’s why now only few blogs install Pageviews Counter on their blog.

And when we talk about Alexa Widget, 90% of bloggers use it just because they think that by putting an alexa widget on their blog, alexa increase their rank fast. But this is only just a myth.

~Shivansh Verma Skv


Hi @Nafees, I have a pageviews counter at my blog but it doesn’t serves any purpose. I just have it installed for a quick and rough page views estimation.

About the alexa rank, some bloggers put them up so that they could get some advertising opportunities maybe.

~ Rohan.


it is to show off their pageview what else haha. but i think a real time widget like whosamungus would be much better if you have a large audience.


Whosamangus? :flushed: ? What Kinda Monster is this? :disappointed_relieved:


it is the kind that gonna eat you whole if you don’t google and find it out yourself haha.




@Chelyz_Marx and @Nafees, Can you naughties stop chatting on public forum? :blush: