What is the Alexa Rank Criteria?


My blog’s alexa rank is decreasing day by day. :relaxed:

I’m not using any method for spam or real traffic.

As you know, I started blogging only 2 months ago and there are only five posts in my blog. I am working on some giant real unique content posts so now a days i am unable to post any crap content into my blog. But I am totally amazed about my alexa rankings. What is the criteria behind these rankings. My rank was 18 million 1 month ago but now it is on 0.8 million.

Is alexa rank useful to motivate myself or it is totally drama ??

[Solved] Something about ranking of my blog

This must be a Big question for every Blogger. Expecting a grate info from Experts like @Mohammad


Maybe this can help you :blush:

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