What is meta description all about? How to get a proper meta description?


I have two blogs, and have not written too many posts for them. I am not getting much traffic also. In short I am a newbie. Please can someone help me out on the SEO front? I am new to blogger. My blogs are not properly seo optimized . So, can someone please guide me? Looking forward to the response from the helpful people of this forum!!! :slightly_smiling:



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you can read this article on Meta description written by mohammad for MBT to know about meta description in blogger.

Here is the Link - http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2014/01/are-meta-descriptions-necessary.html

Read it also - Cheat Sheet for Creating SEO Optimized Post Title and Meta Description


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I am passionate about earning money online but I don’t think I have the necessary skills. Though i own two websites. Please help me further!!! :fearful:



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You are asking about money matters in SEO Settings Category. It is better to Create a new topic in correct category with url of your blogs. So that, We can help you out by reviewing your blogs and giving advices.


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