What is fetch as Google Bot in Webmaster tools?


Howdy Readers, My question is what is Fetch as Google? Many of you said it is use to see how Google Bot are seeing our website or our content. Well, this is true. But can I fetch my all posts? And what is the main purpose to use this tools of Google Webmaster tool? Please give me a correct answer. This question is specially for a genius like Mustafa AhmedZai.


Google automatically fetches your pages this is true on a regular interval, However, the tool in Webmaster tools is great because it allows you to send the google bot to fetch the page (500 times per month). When you fetch as Google that page is likely to be recrawled as google. I believe the number is within 24 hours of the fetch as google but I will need to find the webmaster tools youtube video to quote it.


I think you want to say if my post would not be crawled then I ought to take this step?


Ok let’s say I made a post at this url… mysite.com/post/ and i published and Google indexed it. But let’s say I edited the post and added some more words, schema markup if it was a review by fetching it as Google the bot will revisit the content and update the search engine results more quickly as needed.

You could also use the tool like you suggested if some content has yet to be crawled submitting it manually can speed up that process.


But is there any problem to fetch your article again and again. And what about main URL? I considered if I updated my content then I can fetch my content through Google Bot but why we fetch our main page like www.example.com too?


You can fetch your main site as much as you want as well. There is no problem with fetching the pages but like all things I recommend only doing it when needed. Typically when you add a new post and alert the Google Bot through fetching the homepage will be checked as well since its a direct link to every page on the website.

So while you can fetch the main page there is no real reason unless you redesign the page!


Submitting your link to the** index** using the Fetch as Google tool is like pressing a magic button. Google states that they will crawl the URL using this method usually within a day, however, I’ve seen web pages and blog posts show up in the SERPs in less than 5 minutes of using this tool.

I’m a blog ( blogrankseo.com )scientist :microscope: lol

I was once on a phone call :telephone_receiver: with a marketing consultant who was asking me how long it took for a new page to show up in Google search results. He mentioned that he and his webmaster had built a new web page two months prior and it still wasn’t showing up in the search results no matter what he Googled. His webmaster kept telling him it could take weeks and to just wait.

I submitted his web page using the Fetch as Google tool during the conversation and before we hung up, it was showing up in the SERPs. He was blown away, and I came out looking like a hero.:eyeglasses: