What is better ipage or hostgator


hey, i have two option, either buy a domain for $1 and use it with my current ipage hosting or buy a hostgator baby plan. for 60% discount.

as ipage is not fast, page loads in 3 seconds to 8 seconds. i have already two domains running on ipage, as it supports unlimited domains and i dont have much traffic currently.

i am planing to buy three more domains and run them, there will be total of 5 to 6 domains. all running on wordpress. can any one tell me what will be a better option ? buy a domains and run on my ipage? if ipage and hostgator have same speed. or buy a hostgator baby package and domains and shift all domains to it??? is hostgator faster ten ipage? or better ? or would you like to suggest any good hosting? i am waiting for reply, because discount is valid just for today



I’d suggest SiteGround. I don’t have an experience with iPage but HostGator is something I won’t recommend at all due to their poor support…


@The_Next_Rex It is better you to Buy domain from Bigrock , Because they giving us the best support , The also have free Toll Free number . They supported Offline payment methods .