What is best: Image aligned to Rright or Left of Post?


What would you prefer friends an image aligned to the text to the right or left? Centered is very unusual, is it a good option to use? I mean which one is better to produce a better user experience and get more page views

What do you guys think is the best?


It would be depend on the condition where you want it to be use. If you want to apply it on your blogger post than in my pint of view, you can add picture in Left side. However you have 3 options to align images:

As the image shown image alignment in center, image alignment in right and image alignment in left. If you want HTML coding then visit this link… http://jsfiddle.net/wv0w7a7s/1/


Yes left is more common, but for reading a post I prefer the image to the right, I 'll try some post with this desing, thank you my friend. I liked very much your suggestions.


@Mr_Raja has given a nice explaination and I would like to add one important aspect of image alignment in terms of Design

While designing blog templates or themes , the following rule is followed:

  • Images are aligned to left when the template has a Right Sidebar

  • Images are aligned to Right When a template has a **Left Sidebar **

  • Images are aligned to center when Image has full width

This habit really helps in giving a cleaner look and helps in engaging readers more on your site thus increasing both pageviews and ultimately blog earning through page impressions :smile: