What is a Focus Keyword and how to Choose one?


What Are Focus keywords? First of All i want to know some thing about Focus Keyword. The thing i know is that a focus keyword is a keyword in an article that is used 7,8 times with some density. Am I right or Wrong?

The Second this I want to ask is that, I blog about the Cricket and Football matches information. So is it okay to choose the teams names as the Focus Keywords like: Team A VS Team B can be selected as a focus keyword?

Hats off to the Mohammad’s Spirit to help young Bloggers Like me!


@prince Focus keyword is not a SEO terminology it is a tool created by YOAST SEO plugin for wordpress. As per them focus keywords simply refines your content and helps you built long tail keywords. They emphasize on adding it on following main areas:

  1. Article Heading
  2. Page title
  3. Page URL
  4. Content
  5. Meta description

You might have noticed that when you start typing anything in Google search box, you immediately get complementary words and suggestions based on your search? Those are the most common searches users performed on Google and YOAST grabs those keywords and helps you use them in your blog posts.

You just need to use the Focus keyword once in the above 5 areas I mentioned. For finding what focus keyword to use either use Google Keyword Planner or yoast Focus Keyword Tool or simply Google search box. The biggest tool amongst them is your common sense which is the only thing I use while publishing blog posts :innocent:


Thanks Mohammad for your Suggestion and, I am amazed knowing this that a Successful blogger is here to help the newbies! Bundle of Thanks Bro!