What If Someone Filed False Google DMCA Report And Google Accept Take Down Request?


I had recently faced such an issue regarding False Google DMCA. I am blogging from last 3 years and never think about doing copy or even to rewrite the steps and explanation through the reference of other blogs. I always write topics which i know and easily able to explain in my own words.

But last week someone filed Google DMCA Take down claimed and blogger revert draft my one blog post. I was really shocked and feeling disappointment about this. Article was Facebook feature about request submit through official form and i only explain which is already published in Facebook help center in my own words even a single line was not similar. Article was published from approx 2 years and at that time there was not even a single who posted about it and have more 1 Lakh+ blogger page view on that topic.

Now Please Help me About

  • What I have to do now ? Left that article in draft as it is or try file counter claim.
  • How to protect my blog in future from these types of Take Down ? In case someone copy my own written article filed case against me then what should i have to do ?
  • Will effect Blog rankings ??

At last i would like to say thanks to @Mohammad or introducing this Blogger Help Center Community, Great Job :wink:


Pahul Singh


We had a similar situation a few years ago. We filed a counter-notice via Google Web Master Tools and our pages were returned to Google’s search results. Unfortunately, this took around 3-4 months if memory serves. Filing a false DMCA is illegal and the accuser can be held liable. Read more here:

http://targetlaw.com/consequences-of-filing-a-false-dmca-takedown-request My advice is to get Web Master Tools setup on your site ASAP (only takes a minute) and file your counter-notice to get the ball rolling. I would then consult an attorney to determine if your losses can be reasonably calculated and then go after your competitor. Hopefully the short-term damage you suffer is much less than the long-term damage you can cause for them. Of course, any time you undertake legal action.

And for future please read the article bleow i hope it will help.


Thanks @mybloggertricks and @PahulSingh to share such info,

I don’t even aware till this DMCA Report. Now I can remember that, It was happen for my 2 or 3 post in past and that time I dont have any Idea why they got deleted from blog. I would have followed as said by @mybloggertricks but its very late.