What if 2000 visitors come at a time to my blog



One of my blogs is getting popular and it is academic tutorial based and before exam schedule the site will get huge traffic as I have seen many other related sites. Therefore, I am wiling to know what if 2000 or more visitors come to my site at a time, will it create any problem in blogger platform? or will google may penalize my blog due to unusual traffic?

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There will surely be no problem with the blogger platform, if you’ll get huge traffic at the same time. But I’m not sure about adsense, it may create a problem and disable your account due to unusual activity. It might not do anything as the traffic will be from different locations. So I’m confuse about the AdSense system. How you’ll get the answer for that.

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I don’t think so Adsense would have any problem because adsense would be happy if you get more visitors as they want visitors to click on the ads!

SO According to me there shall be no problem!

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~Nafees Khan


Thanks @NamanKumar. will it create any problem if I use WordPress shared hosting as I need to keep a section for answer and question. Due to lack of coding skill I may not create such widget on blogger as other people do easily with great coding skill!


If you asking about the speed of your blog when it will experience high traffic, then surely it will not be affected. You blog will work properly whatever the platform will be. There will be no issues of speed or lag or some other problems like these.

And sorry but i can’t help you in coding or creating widgets for wordpress.

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I think it will create problems to adsense but it will never create any problem with your blogger account. When Google Adsense will see sudden increase in your ad clicks, they will think that you are doing any wrong practice (black hat) and then, they will disable your account.

~Shivansh Verma