What Can I Do with a New PR 4 Domain?


Hello Friends. Today, I met with a blogger and she asked me to write on her blog. Her blog is old but her blog’s domain’s have PR 4 and its name is ‘Prun Soop’. She want me to work on her blog.

Blog URL:-


This blog have zero posts but PR 4. It is well indexed on Google. Can you tell me what can I do with this blog? Can I make it a tech blog?


You can write about anything. If you wish to make it a tech blog then go ahead. :candy:


It is not a PR4 site, can you reconfirm it. I found it unranked.

If in case a site is well ranked then you can not change its niche and restart a new niche with new content. The moment you do this by deleting the older content the rank will drop instantly. It is ranked well because of the content it contains and niche it belongs. There is never good in painting a new picture on a scrapped paper.


Thanks for Replying @Mohammad and giving me the valuable information. Actually, the url http://prunsoop.com have pr 4 but not http://www.prunsoop.com have pr 4. You can check it here.


Well I read your first post over there and this blog seems to be quite satisfying so i think that you shall continue but whatever it may be it is your decision and you’ve to make a precise decision that you’ve to write there or ain’t.So I encourage you to listen to yourself and your heart and mind.but its good that you have asked great experts on this forum :wink:

I read articles on your rest of blogs and I find them very informative and If you are going to write there I would be glad to read your articles there! :smiley:

Best of Luck! Happy Blogging! :slight_smile:


I am really glad that you felt that my posts are informative. But as Mohammad said:

I felt that he is saying write. It was not a good blog. So I stopped adding content on it. But you can surely catch me on my rest blogs. :blush:



I am waiting for the next article by you after the url shortener one :smiley:


This site was owned by Someone since 2009

Here is wayback look of this site

There was some chinese Blog, Now according to @Mohammad By deleting old contents may be effect PR . Lets see what happened now to this Website rank if @Shivansh post new articles to this site. I think its hard to maintain PR4.


Thanks @OwaisMughal for stopping by. I too know that this domain was owned by Someone since 2009 but it is new for me… :smile:


@Shivansh Domain Name looks Uncool.and thats not even Owned By You… It`s New For You but Not For Your OLD Readers… So Start Your New journy By Buying New Domain For Your Sites