What are the ways to get quality backlinks for a new blogger blog?


Hi Guys,

Today I have a question that how can we get backlinks for blogger blogs As I am new in blogging is there any software you guys use?. Can anyone please share any good websites where one can make backlinks for its websites and that they are good are there any dofollow ones? which you guys can share? Thank you very much



Good Question @alex_khan. As I already told you, it will help many other newbies here… :smile:

Actually, we had already discussed about some methods of getting good backlinks. You can read it here.

So let’s come to the topic, getting backlinks for a newbie blog. Getting backlinks is not so easier nor hardier. There are several methods by which we can earn backlinks. So i can tell you now how to get good backlinks for a blogger blog.

Here are some high pr sites from which you can get backlinks:

###1- Google+ Yeah! You can get a dofollow backlink from Google+ without using any tip or trick. The steps to get it are so simple. They are-

  1. Create a Google+ Page that relates to your blog/website
  2. Verify and place your blog/website url in the ‘Links’ section.
  3. In the about section of your new Google+ page, just type something about your blog with your blog link. That link will be dofollow.

###2- Facebook Using Custom tabs, you can get a backlink from the high PR site and most popular social site- Facebook. Just Google about it because It require many steps so I can’t tell it here. :frowning:

###3- Blogger Help Forum

Really. We can’t ignore this forum too because MBT have PR 5. To get backlinks from MBT, you just need to help some newbies and achieve a shiny Ninja Badge. Just check it and learn the method to get it here.

4- Guest Posting

Guest posting is also a very useful method for getting new quality and legal backlinks for your blog. You just need to make some Good Blogger friends and ask them that you wanna write guest post on there blog. This will not just increase your backlinks count, but also make you and your blog popular!

5- Pinterest

Yes. You can get a backlink from this popular social network too. Just sign up and make a account on pinterest, verify your account and give it a good look. Then just add your blog’s link in the about section and in the website section. It’s simple!

-Shivansh verma


Quoting Mustafa here:

  1. Are links in Youtube Dofollow? Remember all links on social media networks like Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and video portals like YouTube/Dailymotion/Vimeo etc. are all nofollow. Corporate sites never compromise on SEO and since they have over million of registered users, they can hardly trust the users for not violating the site’s SEO.

  2. Places where links are Dofollow Wiki’s and directories such as wikipedia and dmoz do give dofollow links after they have thoroughly checked your content and reputation online through your endeavors or press releases.

You can also get dofollow links on Discussion Portals like Bulletin Boards or Blogger Help Forum after you have attained both trust and credibility by gaining a Trust level 3.

We had a similar discussion already, check it out here - Which is The Best Way To Build Quality Backlinks?

Please spend some time browsing the topics here before replying or starting your own, and you’ll have a better chance of meeting others who share your interests.

Check FAQ page for more.


Thank you for the great answer :smile: I signed up on this forum since the day it was launched :smile:


@alex_khan- Welcome Buddy! I am glad that you liked my answer. :heart_eyes:


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@alex_khan It is better you to make back-links from Social Media’s because , Making back-links from Non-Priority or other Categorized blogs which not related to your blog will be effect so badly . If you are trying to back-links from other sites , Try to make back-links from only reputed blogs and website . Because Google not just looking back-link count , They also looking the quality .


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very useful information you shared and others shared on your blog.