What are the best BuySellads alternatives for bloggers?


Hello @Mohammad my blog in ngtechzone and then i tried to get buysellads approval but it reject it then i came to know that bsa requires high domains like-.com,.org etc… So I want You To Suggest Me The Best Alternatives Of Buysellads For .blogspot.com domains My Site Stats- 1- 5000 Page Views Per Month 2- 50+ Posts 3- 200+ Visits Per Day Also I am not getting approval for google adsense its just ■■■■ that it took me 30 days and never replied just blank ads were showing on my blog.



top 5 buy sell ads alternatives…!!!







@ngtechzone I would recommend start by adding an Advertisement page on your blog. I have not seen a good alternative to BuySellAds so far. Though it’s a good idea to list your blog on those alternative marketplace as suggested by @mybloggertricks But you should do following to get direct advertisement

  1. Add an advertise page on your blog. This is also known as Media-kit. Read about how to write a good media kit on your blog.
  2. Check out other blog in the same niche as yours. If you see direct advertisers there, click on the advertisement & go to advertiser website. Use contact form and tell them about your blog/website & open slot for advertisement. This is hit & trial but at the end it will work.


Thanks @denharsh for suggestion i will try it definately :smile:


Hi @Nitishk, along with the useful advices that denharsh suggested you can also try PublicityClerks. I recently wrote a detailed review of it and explain why it is the best alternative to BuysellAds. Most of our clients and readers have started using that.

:link: Why is PublicityClerks the best Alternative to BuySellAds?

Do ask me for any more help needed by leaving your comments either here or at the blog. :innocent: