What are all the important points must be carefully understood before migrating to a new host?


What are the important small and big points, I must be aware and careful of before migrating. I have seen the new host claim to migrate the site from old host. Still, should I trust them completely. What are the information that I must write down before handing over my site for migration.

Also, since I have installed feedburner and buzzboost for RSS feed, what should I be careful of before shifting. How will that be transferred.

What DNS information I must be careful of. I use google apps for email. Cloudflare for CDN.

Pls any one with expertise on this topic, may I seek your advice and attention.


Hi @Madhurie_Singh, It totally depends on your BLOG NICHE, domain name, and Domain PR.

Suppose, If you are posting about blogger platform and your old domain name is mysite.com, and your new domain is mybloggersite.com then new is better than old (Only when then your old domain have not PR).

And if your old domain is mybloggersite.com and now you want to change it to mysite.com then it is not good for SEO.

You should choose domain name related to your blog niche.

If your domain name is old 1 or 2 years, then don’t change otherwise it will be dangerous.

Hope you understand.

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