What about Domain Buying and Hosting?


I am going to buy a domain from Godady. If i but an only doamin then can I create my own subdomain or not.??? and Do I need to buy hosting…Is it necessary with a domain or not??..

Please Guide me I have no Idea about this…


You just need the domain and to set a CNAME record.


Ok if I buy a domain from godaddy in 1010 Rs. Then I have no need to buy hosting… and without buy any hosting i can craete my own sub domain, with out any cost… Is it correct?? @CSdog


Yes bro onece you buy domain thereafter you can easily create subdomain free of cost by adding cname recordes


Bro please tell me what is hosting… do I need to buy hosting or not?? @ATP


Hii @tahirhabib684 if you want you’r blog host on like as WordPress, then you will need to buy hosting if you host you’r blog on blogger then you don’t need to buy hosting


My blog is hosted on blogger…

Bro the last question if you dont mind…

I want to buy a .pk domain i search it on godaddy but can’t find… On go daddy i saw .info domain only for 128/year rs is this good?? how can i create a .pk domain?? @ATP


I have buyed a domsin mthpakistan.com from ne cheap… is it good… now i want to buy a domain for my city with .info or .pk which is cheap


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