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hi sir, i want to know that what is the minimum number of posts i publish to buy a new own domain and how to increase my visitors


Thanks you for making this Forums, Nice to meet you all.


thanks for the warm Welcome. I can see there is loads of help with regards to blogging, blogging tool, formating and seo. I was searching for ASO and backlinks. How can i create a blog to promote my games on IOS and google playstore. Will it look awkard if i start the blog with my company name or do you suggest that i start a blog with a different name. Looking and hoping for guidance


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I want to ask, I make a wallpaper blog, I take pictures from other sites then I re-post on my wallpaper blog. But I also include the source address of the image or give credit to the source of the original image. Is my action wrong? Is it if I make money from the wallpaper blog, my money is Haram? Please answer. thanks.


Hello i want to buy a trending template for blogger but payment method is not working still right now.


I want to buy theme but payment section is not working ?


There is no new topic option shown in my panel.


It is present at the topIMG_20181101_184724.


But not in my panel. Who is the admin of this forum?


hello have you any free blog sites list? if you have send me please


Good day guys, I have been looking for a way to lay my complaint but i don’t know how to begin new topic here

guys please i own this domain am unable to post here but was dropped by google domain after i was not able to renew it due to card issues after it was dropped i bought it back from above. com where my card is accepted now i want to link it to my blogspot but it keeps say your “another blog or google site is using this address”. i tried to confirm the site using my domain by opening it to find out it display blogger page saying “Blog not found” Please, guys in the room how do i solve this. it is a very critical condition to me now i bought the domain with so much money. please help me thanks



Ik ben hier nieuw :slight_smile: Waar kan ik een nieuw onderwerp posten? ik kan het niet vinden…

groetjes Monique


hi sir, I am new in this field. i have create a website www.jeemainadmircard2019.in which is contains information about exams. So, i want ti know how can i increase my traffic organic and how to add Google adsense account. please provide me details.


is er hier nog wel iemand op dit forum??? krijg geen antwoord en kan niet eens posten…


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Hello everybody Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Patrick – many thanks for this resource.