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Thanks @Nafees But I have solved that problem myself. But I will use this forum for my future problems. God Bless :smile:


Thanks for the welcome. Why does everyone call everyone brother?


Because we love each other and help each others as brothers :innocent:


Ok. Thanks brother. :smile: I love this forum.


you are always welcomed buddy :innocent:


This forum should be started years ago. Anyway now we are bloggers family :smile:


hii every one i am new here i have a blog wwwdotsrscreationsdotcom it is 2 months old now am here to improve my blog need suggestions when i am studying B.tech 2nd year i want to earn money by my self then i paid to massonline solutions that is fake company at that time i dont have knowledge about how to earn money from online so when realized about that fake company i planned to build a site like that but don’t know how to build a website so at that time i dropped my plan of building website but i have dream to create a website or blog but one day i saw a program that inspired me and moved me forward to create a blog i started my blog without learning thats why my domain name also not suits my theme of blog but i want to continue with that domain name and want to make it as brand


I m new in blogging and also in this forum, and i found this forum very informative and useful.

Thanks Mustafa Ahmed zai(admin)


Wow! thank you for the great article. You have given me an idea. Cool!!!


How can I add image or video on blogspot comment box ? @Mohammad @Nafees


Use MBT Shortcodes if you are on blogspot platform. Its very easy to embed a video :slight_smile:


Share the MBT post link …I wanna try ,…



Hello there. I am a newcomer in Blogging and I dare to work on building a better blog. There is a useful community and I am happy that I have found this forum. If you will have time check my latest post about the movies which inspire and give me some tips how can I make the post better: #Nice2beme Thank you and have a good day!


How to remove my blogger cookie messege?


Firstly Welcome To Blogger Help Forum :smiley:

Now Its Simple To Create A Topic -

Go To Forum Home >> Look For + New Topic Button >> Click It And Add Details :wink:

Note- As You’re A New User So You May Not Be Able To Create A Topic


@merapakistan, firstly, stop leaving your blog’s URL on topics.

Secondly, open Blogger Help Forum (any page) and press “C” from your keyboard and type want you want on your topic. Try to write long.

@ngtechzone, that thing has been removed.


hi sir am new to blogger and i know to know about SEO to implement on my blog techappsmedia.org


Its glad to become member of this blogger community. My blog is blogmean[dot]org Need all of your suggestion how to improve my website. Thanks, Pritam


Firstly Welcome @blogmean ! :smile: Hope Your Problems Get Solved Through This Forum And Good Luck :wink: