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Hi @Yavan, Nice to see you here. :slight_smile: This community can help you with your new blog which is using Blogger. See you around!


ah i was wondering what kind of forum is this. this is great :smile:


Hai, @Mohammad and everyone here.

My name is @yuyutsu and I just got here because I’m very curious about this forum.

See you around, guys :smiley:

=== I need to update this post to apologize about one of post on another thread that has been flagged. I have no intention to spamming this forum and thanks to @Mohammad to remind me about how important to make this forum invaluable for everyone and off course for let me stick around in this great forum.

Best Regards, @yuyutsu


Hey Friend can you tell me that which step is good for increaseing website traffic ?


@Gujjar772, you have to create a new topic to get answered. Anyways, Welcome to Blogger Help Forum


thanks bro can you tell me that which platform is best blogger or wordpress ? @Shivansh


I think I told you to create a topic on Help Forum to get answered.

This is the way to create a topic if you don’t know:


I don’t know where this form you can again be told me but am really don’t know where this form can you tell me the step @Shivansh


I can’t understand what you are saying. If you asking for the steps, then here’s:

  1. Go to Blogger Help Forum’s Homepage
  2. You will see a ‘+ New Topic’ button (as shown in picture in my previous reply).
  3. Click that button. A new small window will open. Type your topic’s name. As you want to get your blog reviewed, type ‘Give Me My Blog’s Review’ or something else that you like. Choose a category. In the big box, type your blog’s address and the think of your blog you wanna get reviewed.


Okay Bro @Shivansh and if you can tell me that what is imporatnt thing for SEO :sunny:


Bro! First create a topic about your question.


i am very happy to become the part of this blogging family. Let me introduce myself. I am Vashishtha Kapoor, 19 years lad from Kanpur India. I started blogging three months back and got accepted by adsense very quickly. Now I am earning few dollars online daily and wanna help other doing the same. I’ve many question to ask here in this forum which I will ask in threads. Just a cheers for this blogging forum. Thanks Guys. Have a nice day all of you


Welcome to Blogger Help Forum. We are happy to get you here. We will help you as quickly as we can when you ask a question is a topic. :smile:


Thanks. I wanaa ask a very crazy question. What should be the sidebar widget of a good looking blog. Adsense only? Social media only? Information focused


Can you please ask it in a new topic? So that, you will get replies from many experts. :smile:


Thats Awesome . Thanks @Mohammad For Founding this Awesome Forum For Us… We always respect You…


Welcome To Everyone, Hop you will enjoying this community, and grate job MBT and team. best wishes to everyone. :smile:


Thank you very much for share keep in touch from Indonesia.



Thanks brother for the wonderful welcome. I want to ask 1 question regarding my blogspot blog. There is some blog posts problem on home page.

Please advice.


Gagan Masoun


Hello @gaganmasoun Welcome to the community :blush: Happy to see you here!

For asking New Questions you need to make a new topic :smiley: