Welcome To The Family


The dream of a user powered Blogger Community has finally come true. Together we can make it the biggest Blogger Online Library. It will be our self-built encyclopedia for blogspot blogs.

What Makes it Unique?

Back in 2008, I started a simple blog with a silly name called tnt-by-stc.blogspot.com which is popularly known today as mbt Blog. During the starting phase of my online endeavors, I ran through many problems like:

  • I had no idea how to setup my blog
  • What categories to create?
  • What custom domain name to choose?
  • How to customize its design?
  • How to configure the SEO settings?
  • Choose Blogger or Wordpress?
  • Type color or colour?
  • How and When to apply for AdSense?
  • How to fight Content Thefts and report violation?
  • How to design templates and code widgets myself?
  • so on…

I would often found my self totally lost and helpless. Tutorial blogs did surely help but a single author can barely answer all user posted comments so most of the time, my questions would go unanswered (same is the case with mbt readers today!). I learnt blogging and web development by trial and error and it took me around 5 long years to finally excel in it. Ever since, I felt the need for a fully functional and active public forum for blogspot users with 24/7 Free help and support service, where professional and newbie bloggers could interact easily with one another, discuss problems and give solutions and most importantly get help within an hour without wasting hours in waiting!

Due To my heavy engagement with multiple projects and clients base and also due to the time consuming Blogger Commenting system and its weak spam protection system I failed to provide help to every visitor. We therefore needed a strong and powerful Forum tool with Cloud hosting to provide a user friendly environment to both authors and readers to communicate easily and reach a much wider audience.

We are happy to bring you this Forum which is the most advanced Future Generation Forum Software brought by the Founders of Stackoverflow under the coined named Discourse. We are among the first few customers of Discourse and we feel honor to lead the row and introduce this new technology to Blogger community. The hosting and maintenance costs of “Blogger Help Forum” are indeed really expensive but we are ready to take that burden because you owe us a lot of great favours and we need to return that back.

Is it Just another Traditional Forum?

Of course not! “Blogger Help Forum” is powered by Discourse which is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. It works as:

  • A Mailing List
  • A Discussion Forum
  • A Long-Form Chat Room!

Joining us would be to discover a modern, sustainable, fully open-source Internet discussion platform, where you will not talk to walls, anonymous users or spam bots but you will actually interact with real people and expert pro Bloggers.

Who Owns This Forum?

You, us and everyone who owns an account here. This forum is our living room, we are all responsible for keeping it clean and tidy. We have a strong Like and Flag system to rank members based on Trust Levels. Award members with badges and exclusive rights when they do good and punish them when they act naughty.

  • You can surely download all your posts and keep a safe record of everything you publish here.
  • You can surely become the forum Co-admin by wining Trust Level 4.
  • STCnetwork is responsible for financing the forum but it can never take solid decisions without keeping the community in confidence.
  • Every action to be taken will be based on a unanimous decision.
  • Mutual decisions of the community will be polled.

Before Posting and beginning your interesting journey please first read our Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy.


Thank you for the warm welcome. Will try my best to contribute to the community and make it the #1 resource portal for BlogSpot blogs


We hope this will be the forever no1 blogspot community forum and we will all possibly try our best to be the no1 contributor here. thanks


Hi Mustafa,

I am sure this will be the only Blogger community on Internet which will be dedicated to solve the problems of bloggers using Blogspot platform. Lets make it a great place!

And you deserve an applause for coming up with such a great concept of having community for us. And I agree to you that the Forum is so well constructed with all the advanced features.

Thank you so much.

  • Rohan Chaubey.


Thank you rohan for all the kind feedback and motivation

I personally love it so much that I just made around 15 posts using my mobile phone from a local hospital! :smile: so it is surely well constructed and the credits goes to @codinghorror for helping me built it and dedicating hours in troubleshooting bugs encountered

Welcome To Blogger Help Forum

Thank you for sharing great things. MBT is where I learned. And this forum makes me even more excited. I was even more excited to share that knowledge I get here


I really like the way this forum handled. It’s not like the conventional forum. Congratulations @Mohammad and your great teams!

I wonder will it be discovered by the search engine? It’ll be wasteful if not many knows about this great forum.


The forum is easily discoverable by search, it uses the standard indexing methods for Ajax technology as proposed by google. So whatever you share here can be searched easily by anyone online

Rest it’s God who deserves all the praise, I just did what I could on my behalf to serve the blogging community better :smile:


Awesome great this is our living room i love it thank for making this community


Thank you for finding it so comfortable @Tariq_aziz :wink:


I must say I’m impressed by the design of the forum. It feels very bright, and I feel a certain sense of fluidity as I navigate around from one place to another. Really smooth.


Providing a fluid environment was all our aim where both slow and fast connection users could benefit from the Ajax experience

I am glad you found it worth exploring. I will answer all your queries the sooner I reach home :slight_smile:


Hi Mustafa, Today while talking to Rohan Chaubey.he told me about this wonderful forum and i found this very useful one and a really helpful one since most of my pages are in blogger especially the Malayalam one. We met few years back and i do remember i placed your logo in one of my blogger pages but sadly i could not locate this page then, but today i am glad that Rohan send me and invite and I just joined in, I faced lot of trouble in the initial creation of my page in blogger but still many are to clear or learn. Thank you so much Rohan for telling me about and sending me the link, May you all have a great day. Keep sharing your knowledge. Best Regards Philip Ariel of Philipscom


I am so excited and happy to see you joining us. Yes, @Mohammad is an amazing person spreading his knowledge and being so transparent to all. I am sure it would be great to interact with you, here on this forum.

You’re most welcome and thanks for responding to my invite e-mail. Have a great time discussing your issues and interests here.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


So glad to see you here dear @pvariel It is indeed a pleasure having seniors like you joining the forum. This platform is meant to provide full support to all users, making the blogging hobby a fun task for everyone. I hope you get all your problems addressed in this forum. You are most welcome to ask for any help and support and I would be more than welcome to help you personally :innocent:

Thank you @Rohan for inviting @pvariel :clap:


Hey @Mohammad

I’m saying these words because you deserve, you deserve even more than my words. To be honest actually you and Syed Faizan Ali you guys are my inspiration. You have proved that there’s is nothing impossible, I think every time I got demotivated and thought to give up blogging, MBT motivated me and specially your About Us page :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks a million and by the way what’s the full form of STC :astonished:


That is surely a motivating feedback and means a lot for us! Thank you dear @zohaibliaqat :innocent:

MBT’s job is only to motivate youngsters like you and faizan to achieve their dreams and be the next big entrepreneurs. Faizan was also a consistent MBT subscriber and reader when he was new to blogging in 2012 and he is doing great today and you can do too as long as you don’t give up. I am sure if you believe in your God gifted potentials and on your ability to read and write then the future awaits you with a lot of pleasant surprises. Only your hard work and humbleness can succeed you in life. :star2:


Hi Mohammad, Happy to be here again, Glad that i found this page and joined in and enjoyed the benefits, Thank you so much for your relentless service to the blogging community around the world. Hey, you and Rohan have been mentioned in my latest post in the series of this year’s A to Z blog challenge. Have a great week ahead. Best Regards ~ Philip


Awh! That is really really kind of you to mention us. Happy to have you here. I am sure one can benefit a lot from this community forum and thanks for spreading the word. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Hi Mohammad,

Glad to become member of this great community.

Thanks :slight_smile: