Weird spikes in reader stats - should I be worried?


Hello, Over the past week I’ve seen some huge spikes in reader stats, and the traffic is mostly coming from Russia. My blog is in English - I doubt whether I have suddenly acquired hundreds of Russian readers. Normally each of my posts gain hits slowly, over weeks and months after the initial spike when I publish.

The only changes I have made recently are to create a Facebook page for the blog (basically just a list of links to the articles).

What I want to know is should I be worried about this? I read something about spambots in an online article, but it was a bit too technical to understand. Could this harm my blog or affect SEO ranking? Is there anything I should do about it?

For some strange reason I’m not allowed to put a link to my blog in here, but you can find it by googling ‘Channel Light Vessel blog’.

Thanks in advance